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Chicken & Creamy Dijon Herb Sauce

Very tasty sauce is the feature for this fast and easy chicken dish. Just add a few veggies and a rice or pasta dish if you like and you've got a dinner the who family will like. My calculations are based on brands I use. Yours may be different so adjust nutritional info based on your brands.

If you prefer, this can also be cooked in the oven after breasts are browned in the skillet. Adjust oven temps and cooking time to fit your tastes.

Green Apple Smoothie Soup

The harvest of summer comes together in this refreshing, minty but tart fruit soup!

Banana Berry Smoothie Soup

Summer is fast approaching and who wants to be in a hot stuffy kitchen? Not me! This fruity, delish and healthy "soup" is packed with fiber, calcium, protein and good taste!

Ratouille Salad

Good for you and to you! Lots of good veggies! Leftover options: use as pita pocket filling or toss with hot pasta. So, so delicious and nutritious! Enjoy!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Fabulous Fast Shrimp

Make it easy on yourself and use pre-shelled and deveined shrimp! This is best served over rice(white or brown, the choice is yours), egg noodles or fettucine. I like asparagus and a green salad on the side too. From Campbell's Kitchen.

Five Spice Shrimp

Although it's a tasty stir fry dish, the cholesterol makes it an every-now-and-then dish. The 5 spice powder is a great seasoning blend that's sodium free! Find it in packs at Asian food stores for less than $2! Also tastes great on poultry and pork!

Basic Sauteed Eggplant

This is a great substitution for fried eggplant. Low on everything but taste!

Very Good (8 ratings)
Basic Baked Eggplant

This recipe is a jumping off point. Season as you wish. Sprinkle with herbs of your choice and/or Parmesan cheese. I like it with a little salt, pepper and garlic powder.

"Healthy" Egg Salad

To compare against a whole-egg egg salad. It's a little better in some areas. Still have to taste for approval!

Five Spice Roast Chicken

Taken from Epicurious. I love the flavor of 5 spice seasoning and this is going to be my Easter chicken! The recipe says to use a cut up chicken but I'm going to roast it whole on a rotisserie with the onion stuffed inside. Also, rub some seasoning on the inside of the chicken for extra flavor. The best 5 spice powder I've found is an Asian blend in a pouch at an Asian food store. The brand name is Lobo. It's sodium and sugar free and only .85 cents a pack with enough for at least 50 uses!

Chili Glazed Tofu over Asparagus and Rice

From Cooking Light. This is on my "to try" list. Will give it a chance next week. The chili sauce should give this an interesting taste. Looking forward to it! I didn't calculate the optional salt into the nutrition. Be advised that 1 tsp of salt has more than 2,000 mg of sodium. Ouch!

Succelent White Beans

The aroma is enticing! This was my first time trying this. It can be cooked on stovetop but I'm using the slow cooker on low for 6 hours, adding the tomatoes after 4 hours. The garlic and herbs give an appetite for this dish. Can't wait to dig in!
NOTE: The prep time includes overnight soaking time for the beans. The cooking time is approximate for stovetop cooking time.

sesame-crusted tofu

I'm becoming a fan or tofu more and more and this is becoming a favorite "comfort food". There's an Asian food store in my neighborhood and I when shopping there, I walk for the exercise. Because their prices are so much lower than supermarkets, I save money! I get cardio, save money and a nutritious meal to boot! What could be better than that?!

BH&G Fried Rice

Flexible fried rice recipe from BH&G. Meats and seafood can be added if desired. Nutritional value for basic recipe only.

Butterbean Soup With Baby Bellas and Wild Rice

Fast, filling, easy and low fat. Excellent source of Vitamin C.

Fusili With Sausage & Mushrooms

I love pasta and most anything with mushrooms. The original recipe called for hot Italian sausage but I used hot turkey Italian sausage. If you don't like the spiciness or heat use regular turkey sausage. My daughter the cheese freak adds both Parmesan and mozzarella while the pasta's still hot. I tasted and it gives the dish a nice finish!

Irish Stew

A St. Patrick's Day dinner in a pot. Prepare in a crockpot on low and while preparing for your celebration!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Orange Dijon Chicken Wings

Easy to prepare, easy to make. Low in fat, cholesterol and carbs. Really tasty too! Good appetizer or leave wings whole and make 12 servings.

Springtime Asparagus

A great side dish for Easter or Passover.
From Kraft Food & Family

Healthy Copy Cat "Steak&Shake" Chocolate Malt

With summer coming you'll need smooth and tasty to bring down the heat! Just like you get at the drive in but with healthier ingredients, just for you!

Very Good (268 ratings)
Ground Beef and Potato Casserole

My aunt Gwen was a great cook and she kept go-to, quick recipes that were always as good as her spent-all-day-making recipes. This was one of my favorites from her go-to, quick list.

Hot Cocoa Cake

For the All My Children's team. Just for special occasions like Valentines Day...

Tofu Salad

You'd think you were eating chicken or tuna salad! Spread on whole wheat bread or eat in on a bed of salad greens.

Le porc et les Cerises demi-cadratin Croute

The english translation of this French recipe is: Encrusted Pork and Cherries. Surprisingly simple, this makes an elegant show-off piece for dinner guests who'll think you spent hours preparing it! It's also easily adjusted to serve 4 instead of 8 by preparing only 1 tenderloin. A favorite at Easter, only you and I will know the crusts comes from refrigerated dough. Shhhh.....
NOTE: The longer the tenderloins marinate the better the flavor and tenderness.

Elegant Cherry Pork Chops

For National Cherry Month. Taken from the National Pork Board's "State Fair" cookbook.
The original recipe has 2335 calories per serving. By using boneless pork chops and Lucky Leaf No Sugar Added Cherry Pie Filling, calories are drastically reduced! Great with roasted veggies and a wild rice pilaf! SLOW COOKER

Broccoli~Tofu Stir Fry

Based on a Cooking LIght recipe I used regular long grain brown rice instead of boil in a bag and PLEASE make sure you use REAL oyster sauce instead of Dynasty for a much lower sodium level! Also, before browning the tofu, make sure it's well drained, then cubed and put in a zip lock bag with 2 Tbsp cornstarch. Shake and then brown in skillet in vegetable oil. This makes for restaurant-crispy tofu. This was my first experience with tofu and I'll be trying other recipes as well!

Double Chocolate Cherry Chews

Another one for All My Children's team.
Since Petey's been working out he needs to eat healthier and because he's become fast friends with Randi the chocolate in this recipe's perfect for him. The cherries will match his cherry red cheeks and the nuts are for Palmer and Opal!

Chicken~Green Bean Casserole

For the All My Children's team cookbook in honor of Petey and GreenleeLOL! They know why.

Smoked Pork Chops with Jalapeno- Cherry Sauce

I dug this up for my National Cherry Month cookbook. It's from the "old days" and a favorite of my daughter and her sorors. It's surprisingly low fat and fast prep and cook. You'll find heat and sweet in the sauce. I've got to make this again-soon!

Bing Cherry-Grapefruit Salad

Anybody ready for some Jello? Another contribution for National Cherry Month. Just imagine yourself tasting this cool, fruity dessert on a hot, summer day! Good in spring, fall and winter too! Taken from Southern Living

Green Bean and Almond Salad

This recipe came from my pastor's wife who's really into vegetables. The crisp-tender green beans and the crunch of the toasted almonds make this a wonderful spring and summer side dish!

Pecan Green Beans

Taken from Southern Living to make use of the green beans I grow in summer and the pecans that fall in my yard in winter. Very good with pork.

Buried Cherry Cookies

Something for Valentines Day. These are just for you, no sharing! These also make a lovely presentation at bake sales. They remind me of Lucy Ricardo in the candy factory!

Green Beans Supreme(the upgrade)

This is a healthier version of a BH&G favorite. By replacing full fat and sodium ingredients with low fat and no salt added I've made it health friendly and maintained flavor. I hope you'll like it too!

Ravioli and Snap Peas

This recipe is flexible. Substitute green beans, broccoli florets or zucchini for variety.

Frozen Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Cups

What could be better in February? It's National Cherry Month in honor of George Washington and you get chocolate in honor of Cupid! Plus, it's low on everything except taste. Try to eat just one, I dare you!!!

Saute of Green Beans

In the south some cooks prefer their green beans(or string beans) "cooked down" with a huge hunk of salt pork which turns them into near mush! Yuck! I prefer a "crisp-tender, lighter flavor flor my green beans and this recipe gives them just that. 1/2 tsp salt can be added to this recipe which will bring the sodium content to 298.5 mg/serv.
Because blanching may be unknown territory for some, I've included this information in a link. I hope it helps!

Green Bean Garden Saute

Easy with canned no salt added green beans. Tarragon may be substituted with dried dill. Very good side dish!

Chicken with Black-Eyed peas and rice

We all know Patti LaBelle's a major diva on stage but she's also a culinary diva! Since learning she has diabetes Patti has created and transformed recipes to suit a healthier lifestyle.This healthy soul food adaption will make you pray for leftovers!

The measurement of the Zatarains rice is for dry mix not cooked rice. Also, to further reduce sodium use the poultry seasoning recipe found on Spark

Oatmeal Spice Cake

I found this while looking through some of my mother's really, REALLY old cookbooks. It looked interesting so I thought I'd put the info in here and see what came up before I made it. I don't think the nutritional info is too bad to be a Spark recipe. I'll substitute 1/2 cup of Splenda brown sugar blend for 1 cup of dark brown sugar and I'm using Smart Balance unsalted butter blend for real butter. The original recipe suggests using a vanilla glaze but I think I'll skip that!

Sweet Sugarless Cookie

Put down those Do-Si-Dos and Samoas! Try these, they're really good with less fat and sugar!

Spanish Olive-Cheddar Muffins

Give those olives a break from the martini glass! Make these in mini muffin pans to serve as hors d'ouvres at your next party or make in a regular pan to serve with your favorite minestrone.

Asparagus and Surimi Seafood Soup

The ginger flavor gives this soup an Asian flair, the simplicity and low cost of making it makes it a new favorite of mine. Great comfort food!

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili #4

The reason it's #4 is because there are 3 other slow cooker turkey chili recipes at Spark. Mine is different because of the thickening ingredient-corn meal. This makes a lot so there should be some left over to freeze for another meal.

Very Good (13 ratings)
Saute-Steamed Bok Choy

A delicious Asian inspired idea to accompany those stir fry recipes. If Bok Choy isn't available substitute another cabbage.

Pork Stir-fry with Orange Sauce

Something different for dinner

Vodka Sauce

A lightened up version using fat free half and half. Flexible enough to add meat if you wish and serve over hot, cooked pasta of your choice.

White Chili

Good on a cold winter's day. Easy, frugal, fast and delicious!

Meatless Taco Salad Cups

This was my first time using soy crumbles and I was really surprised that I liked this! The serving size is quite generous too. You can have 2 salad cups per serving!

Very Good (21 ratings)
"Yeah, That's the Flavor" Curried-Jerk Turkey Burgers

After experimenting I found the right seasoning blend for turkey burgers! No more bland turkey burgers for me! You'll like too, I promise!

MSF Sausage, Egg White and Cheese Omelet

Hunger induced creationLOL! The seasoning is what I wanted. Add what you wish to create your own version!

Broccoli-Wild Rice Pilaf

I made it for Thanksgiving. Very good nutritionally on all levels including taste!

Curves Cereal Chocolate Chip Cookies

A treat for your sweet tooth with no guilt involved!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Creamy Chicken Skillet with Stuffing Revisited

I made some changes to a recipe from Campbells and greatly reduced calories, sodium, cholesterol and fat. This is a great, filling, easy and tasty dish on a cold day! ...and it uses only 4 ingredients!

Very Good (1 rating)
Cajun Shrimp Casserole

This is a spicy dish that can be made using shrimp or chicken. I've posted the original which uses shrimp however for lower eveything 3 4oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts can be used. If you don't like okra it may be left out (substitute 2 cups frozen green peas) and to save time substitute a 10 pkg of frozen onions and peppers and if you really want to go all out, substitute a can of cream of shrimp for the cream of mushroom. I used Healthy Request Cream of Mushroom. No HR cream of shrimp available:( Still good!

Cranberry-Pecan Cornbread

Something different from stuffing to accompany your holiday turkey or ham

Butternut Squash Pie

Something different for your holiday meal. The hint of red pepper should give your sweet potato, pumpkin and pecan pies something to talk about!

Not Fried Rice

A slimmed down fried rice recipe that uses instant brown rice. I'm not sure about the taste of this using a sugar substitute.

Glazed Fruit Kabobs

Make it on the grill or broil in the oven. Kids and grown ups will like this healthy fruit treat.

Lemony Light Cooler

A white wine spritzer just for us. White grape juice may be substituted. Calories will be 131 and sodium will be 22.9mg while the rest is virtually unchanged.

Banana~Pineapple Colada

All the taste without the alcohol! Serve it up in a pina colada glass.

Ground Turkey Chinese Spring Rolls

A healthier version of a Chinese Restaurant favorite

Savory Dijon Chicken Spread

Something else for game day!!! Gooooo Panthers!!!

Pan Roasted Herbed Almonds

You'll make use of your heavy, cast iron skillet to make this tasty, nutty treat. Enjoy!

Buttermilk Herb Dip

This dip is low on everything but taste! Great with veggies, crackers or chips.

Southwest Barbecue kabobs

Something for the men of the house during game time!

Pineapple-Shrimp Appetizers

The nutritional info provided by Spark is different from the actual ingredient list. The spark info is based on what was closest. The nutritional info at the bottom of the instructions is what's given by Dole. The Pineapple mixture is also good on toast points.

Sloppy Joes

From Campbell's Back to School Sloppy Joes

Red beans and Rice Skillet

This is a recipe for when you're in a hurry. Can be prepared in 30 minutes or less!

Chili Wheat Treats

This is taken from the NKF cookbook. It's a low in everything except taste snack. It's a filling snack that soothes the need for something crunchy without adding extra calories.

Chicken Paprika

I made a few changes to a Campbell's recipe by using Healty Request Cream of Mushroom, fat free sour cream and browning chicken in canola oil spray instead of butter. It's quick and very good.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Grilled Caesar Salad

I saw Pat and Gina Neely make this on "Down Home With the Neelys" and the Romaine looked so good when Pat took it off the grill I decided I just had to try it! He made in on an indoor stove top grill plate and I think I'll try it that way too.

Mussels with Creole Sauce

If you have access to fresh mussels and enjoy spicy, Creole food, this recipe will be a keeper. Use the salt free Cajun seasoning for lower sodium content.

Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

I made a few changes to a favorite Campbell's recipe. Please don't use frozen chicken breasts as it will cause a higher sodium content in this recipe.

Krab Kakes

Crab cakes using imitation crab.

Chicken Pilau

This is a South Carolina low country favorite. Some call it pilaf, others pilau but around Charleston it's perlow. No matter what, it's still good.
NOTE 1: I used chicken gizzards in this recipe. If you're on a low cholesterol diet please use regular chicken instead.
NOTE2: This version is a stove top recipe. However, it can be cooked in the oven. After stewing the meat and vegetables, remove meat and chop. Then combine with uncooked rice and vegetable-broth mixture in a 13x9 pan. Bake covered until rice has absorbed the liquid.
I've never tried this with brown rice, I always us Basmati.

Bourbon Chicken

One of my daughter's favorites, I only make this a few times a year as a favor to her and the sorors. I recommend using Southern Comfort for the liquor. It has a smoother, sweeter, more mellow flavor and blends well with the brown sugar. This is also good on the grill when smoked pecan or hickory chips are used. Creole style, tastes better than the Asian restaurant version. This has bourbon, their's doesn't! ;-).

Stove Top Easy Chicken Bake

Taken from the Stove Top Lower Sodium for Chicken box. I prefer to sprinkle my chicken breasts with a little Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb before adding to the recipe. Delish served with asparagus and carrot pennies.

Very Good (9 ratings)
Zesty Shrimp and Pasta

Be sure to rinse and drain the artichoke hearts or substitute with a pound of fresh asparagus tips. Scallops may also be substituted for the shrimp.

Very Good (1 rating)
Spicy Brown Rice & Ground Turkey Skillet

An experiment that turned out pretty good!

Very Good (1 rating)
Jordan's favorite Cheese Quesadillas

My daughter loves these! They can be used as a side dish, snack or vegetarian main dish.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Pineapple & Brown Sugar Baked Ham Slices

This is a slimmed down verssion of one of my old favorites. A small package of a Hormel pre-sliced ham, brown sugar blend splenda and a can of pineapple in it's own juice make a delicious dinner entreé

phoenix's smoothie

Just something I thought of after a long walk in the hot, Southern, summer sun. Tastes pretty good. I added some chopped ice for extra cool.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Slow Cooker Baked Beans

Good for cookouts and barbecues. Relax or concetrate on other activities while this cooks. Be sure to rinse and drain the pinto beans several times to reduce the sodium content before adding to the pot.

Summer Squash Sauté

From Kraft Food and Family. A delicious idea for your garden grown squash.

Peach Ice Cream

Taken from Cooking Light, the nutritional information of SP is different from what is listed. Please read nutritional information at the end of cooking instructions.

Mandarin Orange Sorbet

Try to find mandarin oranges in their own juice to lighten the calorie and sugar load.

Banana-Strawberry Sorbet

A very good source of potassium and so low in fat why bother listing it?

All Shook Up Vanilla Ice Cream

Named after an Elvis song, even the king would appreciate this low cal treat!
I used this last summer as a treat for the kids to make at Vacation Bible School and it was a big hit! They want to do it again with chocolate milk!

Fresh Strawberry Sorbet

Very good. Tastes like Edy's.

Strawberry Margarita Sorbet

This recipe is from Ladies Home Journal. The nutritional value given is different than that of the original recipe. Please read Nutritional facts at the end of the recipe directions.

Jalapeño Cornbread

This makes an excellent compliment to cabbabe or rice and bean dishes

Stove Top "Baked Beans"

Adapted from a slow cooker recipe for 10.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Basil Shrimp

Something for the grill. Low calorie, low fat and low carbs. From

Sweet Potato Salad

This potato sald is low on nearly everything but taste! It's a delicious alternative for conventional potato salad at cookouts and barbeques. Enjoy!

Sunday Oven Pot Roast

THIS IS NOT A DIET SPECIAL! This is a special occasions recipe that is a favorite of mine. I wanted to share it with you. This may also be cooked in a slow cooker on low for 9-11 hours or on high for 4½-5½ hours. Layer vegetables then meat and pour broth over all, no oil needed.

White Wine, White Cheese and Thyme Turkey Burgers

This is something different to jazz up ground turkey. I used reduced calorie whole wheat bread when making the crumbs and serve this burger on whole wheat burger buns or kaiser rolls. I used fat free mozzarella but if you prefer and can find it, fat free or soy pepper jack slices work well too.

My favorite BBQ rub

This rub is good for poultry or pork and works with grilled or broiled meat. A good bourbon or brown sugar BBQ sauce brushed on during cooking enhances the flavor. Regular dark brown sugar or Brown SugarTwin may be used.

Sour Cream Pork Chops

This is a lower-everything version of a Paula Deen recipe. It's very good with hot rice and makes a lovely presentation at the table.

Pepper Chicken

Very good dish. Quick and easy.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Chinese Shrimp and Tofu Soup

Very good soup.The scallions may be substituted with green peas if desired

Ranch Eggs

This meatless main dish is made up of nearly all organic products. Goes great with tortillas and black beans.

9 Bean Soup Mix

I love beans and soup and keep a jar of this handy year round. I like to add a can of no salt added Mexican or Italian tomatoes and fat free low sodium beef, chicken or vegetable broth to it. At Christmas put mix into decorated gift bags or 1/2 pt jars and use as a healthy gift.
The color blend makes for a lovely presentation. 1 cup of dry mix will yield approximately 6 cups of cooked mix.

Black Beans and Brown Rice

The original recipe calls for 1 can of black beans however, to reduce sodium I substituted 8 oz dried beans to yield 3 cups, the equivalent of 1 can.The sodium content if using canned beans is more than 290 mg per serving.

taco burgers

This is a modified recipe taken from Paula Deen. Instead of 1 lb of ground chuck I substituted the extra lean meats. The sodium in this recipe can be reduced by using one of the recipes found here for salt free or sodium free taco seasoning which is what I did

Brown Rice Pilaf

Very good with poultry. Good for serving a crowd, makes a large pan.

Biscuits and Gravy I Can Eat!

I was craving biscuits and gravy and got creative in the kitchen. Good for breakfast or dinner, Please note I served this with Pillsbury Grand! Homestyle Reduced Fat Golden Wheat Biscuits which changes the nutritional info to: 314.4 calories, 11.2g fat,35.1mg cholesterol,36.7g carbs and 1168.8mg sodium therefore the biscuit of your choice may be used or serve gravy over grits or toast.

Key Lime~Banana Smoothie

Start St. Patrick's Day off with a refreshing, fruity low fat smoothie! It's green!
From Betty Crocker 2009 Calendar

Veggie Patty Pita

From Weight Watchers Annual Recipes For Success Cookbook 2008

Incredible! (1 rating)
Sweet and Spicy Nuts

This recipe is taken from Publix's "GRAPE" magazine. I'm nuts about nuts and I use my favorites in this-pecans. Almonds or walnuts may be substituted but the nutritional value will differ. I hope you like this too!
NOTE: With salt added the sodium content is 388.6mg/serving. Without salt, it's 0.6mg/serving.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Red Beans and Rice With Soul

Low fat version of a soul food favorite. Serve this with cornbread and coleslaw and a light sorbet or sherbert for dessert. Throw in some red pepper flakes while cooking for a little added heat

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