Recipes I've Shared:

Incredible! (1 rating)
Turnip Greens Soup

A very light and healthy way to warm up and get your veggies! This is winter friendly, as turnips and greens are cheap. Make this your own by adding any additional veggies you like!

Indian Egg Curry

A really simple and warming curry that's pretty low calorie! I like this over some brown rice or quinoa, and a salad.

The sodium counted is for 1tsp of salt, but it's to your taste. I think it's fine with the 1 tsp.

Very Good (1 rating)
Watercress Tomato Fish Soup

This is from "Herbs and Spices the Cook's Reference" by Jill Norman. This light soup is made in the Cantonese manner. Any fine-textured fish in the flounder/sole family can be used.

Matzo Balls (from a mix)

Just saving it here for my food logger! I make this all the time when I am sick, or in the throes of PMS lol.

Salmon Chowder

easy comfort food! One of my favorite and most asked for recipes.

HG's Fiber Fried chicken strips

From the Hungry-Girl website, a good healthy way to do chicken strips!