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Recipes I've Shared:

Meatless burritos

Nice, meatless meal with decent protein content.

Italian Turkey sausage sandwich

When you need to indulge a little without totally killing the day's calories in one go.

Still not totally healthy but a better alternative to traditional pork-based Italian sausages...though just as tasty!

Crabby Patties

These are tuna patties, but since my kids claim to hate tuna but love SpongeBob, I have always called them Crabby Patties. They never questioned what was in them once I called them Crabby Patties. They ate them up and were none the wiser! In fact, I only just told them last year that it was tuna. By then, they loved them too much to complain. My son has enjoyed them since age four...he's 13 now.

Lysa's Gazpacho

My version. My kids call it "liquid salad".

Spicy egg salad (no relish!)

A simple and delicious egg salad for those who don't like relish.
I like the kick of the Creole mustard, but brown mustard is a good substitute as well.