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Recipes I've Shared:

Fat Bomb Gone Wrong

Mish Mash experiment? More like a Fat Bomb Creamy Cake?

Turkey Simple Stir Fry

Just a few ingredients quick and easy. Add more or less veggies. I served with sliced RED Bells on the side raw.

Creamy Cheesy Chicken

My adjusted version from another recipe.

SeaSalt and Vinegar 1 Minute Mug Bread

Something low carb for a quick little bread. Add butter and it is light and tasty.

Cream Cheese Fluff Icing or mini snack

Trying to find a simple icing for the easy mug cake. As icing, the measure would be smaller but as the snack fluff, it is 1/6th of the product. Muscle is Protein Powder I used in place of sugar. Adds protein and keeps the carbs lower.

Black-eyed Peas, Turkey Sausage & Onion

Easy to mix and heat. Add more or less onions. Serve with roasted veggies and cornbread.

Thrown Together Quiche Cups

Wanted something for a quick breakfast or in between meal snack

Veggie and Black Bean Soup

Very low sodium. Could have been a little lower if using HerbOx No Sodium Beef Bouillon. At best I used Wyler's low sodium and only 1 cube.

My Momma's Casserole MY WAY

Mom made a hamburg casserole that we all loved. Well, this is her stuff my way. With Turkey instead of beef and I add extra onion and a can of black beans. This can be a main casserole dish or a side with steamed veggies or salad.

Tuna Egg Salad

Place a couple leaves of lettuce on a plate, add a serving of cottage cheese and squoosh the stuffed tomato into the center of the cottage cheese and serve.

Black Bean, Corn and Tofu Salad

My version; this could have used more cumin and maybe a dash of cayanne pepper. Low fat/low sodium

Grandma's Carrot Salad

Similar to the one that grandma used to make for our Family Reunions. With a few changes to make it more healthy friendly.

Crab Salad Deluxe

Another experiment.

Roasted Chick Peas

Great snack. Like soft nuts.

Cinnamon Apple Cup

Experiment for something sweet but not too many calories.

Chicken Egg Salad

Experiment on chicken salad using leftovers.

Tea Mix with Honey

In order to have something different I did this. Although, I like to add more water and ice and have flavored water. Either way it is something not plain.

Creamy Egg Salad

Another experiment for a tasty meal.

Homemade Potato Chips

Saw this on a news article. Used the potatoes I had and not what they suggested, but it came out just as good.

Flavored Tea Drink No Calorie

Wanted something different so I was experimenting with ways to get drinks without all the sodium and calories.

Pan Sizzled Portabella and onions

My favorite vegetable with mushrooms. I used a spray bottle and spritzed 2 shots of Olive Oil. Not enough of this to calculate.

Citrus Fruit Cup

Wanted something different.

Leftover Chicken Wrap

Leftovers pan fried without oil on a tortilla.

Yogurt Pudding Dessert

Something light, sweet and not to many calories.

Quickie Imitation Crab Salad

Light and yummy. Add mixed veges with this and it can be a full meal.

My Sea Salad

Quick easy using the Turkey Salad recipe

Beggers 3 bean salad

Simple mix of bean salad

Salad Bowl Veges Version #1

All the toppings for a salad without the lettuce. You can put this on a bed of lettuce, but I prefer to eat my toppings in a bowl.

Mom's Macaroni Casserole

This was a very low costing dish that my mom threw together to feed all of us kids. Definately not low cal or low carb, but it can be used as a side or added to soups for extra fullness. Her recipe is just the macaroni, hamburger (gr turkey here) onions, corn and mushroom soup. I added the extras because that is what I had to use up.

Reduced Fat Caramelized Onion Spread

I redid this recipe so that it would be the reduced fat version.

Caramelized Onion Spread

This is not a diet recipe. Followed another persons recipe. But if you use the lower fat brands it will be lower in calories.

My own Cabbage and Veges Soup

Experimental cabbage soup. Wow I shocked came out great!!

Turkey Pasta salad

Eat as a side dish or top on a salad.

Soup Base, stew base or flavoring

This is my flavor enhancing way of cooking. Use any vegetable or meat that you wish to get flavor from. Plus I have MANY spices that I add to most all of my dishes. This is the best way to cook any food without the added calories!!

Salmon Vege Burgers

Recipe from side of can with extra tuna added.

Kasey's other fruit mix

Just wanted something different with sweet & tart flavors. Any fruit can be added to this tart base. Be sure to have a citrus to help perserve freshness. Orange juice can be added if desired.

Loaded UP on Veges

Wanted a variety of veges with a kick. I cut all the veges in large pieces for more big bites of veges. Use as little oil and butter as possible and keep a water spray bottle for cooking handy. This will help keep the moisture while you cook and no more oil is needed. Pan frying with all the taste and no extra fat or calories!! The key is to keep turning with spatula and not a spoon. It will brown with flavor and not burn.

Smoked Sausage & vegetables

Heap on the veges and go light on the meat and this can be an anytime side or meal. Lightly cooked so that the veges are still crisp. You can also add any of your favorite veges to the mix. The more the better!

Teki Chicken & onions & gravy

Something whipped together for one dish dinner. Used 1T less sodium teriyaki to cook chicken in and only used about 4 T of the cooking water for gravy, so calculated 1/2 T instead for an actual reading of nutrients.

Tuna & vegetable Salad

Love tuna salad, this is with a kick of veges to serve over lettuce.

New Slim Salad

My basic cucumber & tomato with extra twist. Radishes added. Plus I add 1 hard cooked egg and a sprinkle of cheese and serve over a bed of lettuce. My favorite salad toppings are used as my basic for veges to munch or top off my side salad. I just keep adding different combinations of vegetables. I like the white dressing so I make my own. Lower than the store bought ones and cheaper too.

My Favorite vege in white sauce

This is my quick time favorite veges in my usual white dressing. Needs to be put together in the right order for it to be creamy.

Sweet White Vinegarette

Still trying for a low sodium dressing without too many calories either. You can add minced onion and other ingredients, but remember they spoil faster.

Aunt Ruthy's Vege Medley

Aunt Ruthy loves veges and helps me to watch my sodium.

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Not real low in sodium because of the cheese and bread crumbs. But is low in fat, has good amount of protein and potassium.

Very Good (1 rating)
Crab Salad or Crabcake

Can be eaten on bread, in salad, or pattied and pan fryed in olive oil. May need more bread crumbs to keep this together for crab cakes. Very tasty.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Hot Salsa Fruit Relish

I recreated my own salsa and it came out like a relish. Very spicy and hot, with a twist of sweet. I blended everything thru the food processor - lightly. Great on Potatoes, fish, salad or even as a side medley.

Fruit & Yogurt

Simple waldorf type fruit cup. Fruity & creamy.

Tart Fruit Mix

Quick & easy. This is a quick fruit cup of what I had available.

Potatoe Vege Pan Fry

Quick fix side dish or light vegetarian meal. Can also add meat for a one dish meal. Add your own spices or other ingredients. This is loaded with nutrients, and somewhat low in sodium.

Kasey's Sweet & Sour Chicken

Tart with natural sweetness. This is a LOW SODIUM Recipe.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

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