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Recipes I've Shared:

White Bean Vichyssoise

serve warm or cold
white bean puree instead of potato.
1% instead of crean

Wild Rice and Chopped Kale Salad W/Garlicy Tofu Dressing

it vegan, it's tasty, 45 g carb and 14 g protein

raisen walnut muesli

Tastes like an oat meal cookie

Dark Cherry, Prune, Ginger, Oat and Psyllium

a sweet snack that provides loads of soluble fiber must drink a pint of water with it

simple braised lamb shanks and white beans

I use organic ingredients.

Note on beans:
I use this year's organic dry beans obtained from the farmer.
I don't need to soak or pre cook them.
If you are using last year's beans or commercially bought beans, you'll need to soak them at least and maybe pre cook them.

Wild Rice Blend Rice Pudding with Walnuts and Dried Apricots

A baked rice pudding made with brown/wild rice mixture, dried apricots, walnuts and a little white wine.

I used part half and half because I had it in the house ... it would lower the calories if I used just 1% milk.

Baked Potato Kale Soup

Tasty winter water based soup. A really good way to eat a lot of kale.

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal Pudding

A dense baked pudding seasoned with pumpkin pie spice and topped with hulled hemp seed

Have it for breakfast or dessert.

Curried Stuffed Sweet Dumpling Squash

A Sweet Dumpling squash, stuffed with curried, ground beef, pearl onion and brown/wild rice blend

Fruit Soup Boysenberries, Black Raspberries and Blueberries

This is delicious room temp. If you gotta have fancy for company a dollop of organic whipped cream or a drizzle of un whipped puts it in the $15 a serving category... but only if there are candles on the table.

Or eat it for breakfast. and drink a pint of milk

Simple Kale and Potato Soup

A "water" soup. This is the soup that taught me that I don't have to use stock or bullion for a flavorful soup.

There is something about the kale/potato flavor that stands alone just fine.

You may drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil if you like that's in addition to the fresh ground black pepper

Palak Paneer made with Tofu

this is so much better than what you can get at a restaurant. for one thing it is bright green

Very Good (2 ratings)
Green Curry/Thai Eggplant

Trader Joe's Green Curry Simmer Sauce gussied up with Thai Eggplant/Fresh Kefir Lime leaves/Galangal/coconut milk

Curried "Cream" of Kale Soup

This soup is a beautiful sunny yellow in the bowl with dark green kale and purple potato chunks, and when I entered all the ingredients in the nutrition tracker... it turned out it was practically perfectly balanced too... with lots of potassium.

Baked Custard Quinoa Pudding

Like a baked rice pudding but with quinoa.
Good for breakfast or dessert.

Berries, Plums and Melon

A lovely summer fruit combination. Serve as dessert or breakfast fruit.

I like a bit of Cointreau stirred in as well.

Salted Crushed Garlic Preserved in Olive Oil

I make this in late summer when the garlic is fresh and local.
I use it cooking and as a condiment.

Onion Summer Savory Bread or Rolls

This makes wonderful rolls which go great with navy bean soup. Or served as soppin' bread.
Also baked as loaf and cubed to use as bread in stuffing

Very Good (1 rating)
Carrots, Purple Potatoes, and Red Onoins

I ate this for lunch with 1c short grain rice and 2 poached pastured eggs and Louisiana Hot Sauce
It didn't need any further salt.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Yellow and Green

This is good hot or cold. Alone or with Red and Purple. I originally intended to mix R&P with G&Y but they are so pretty separate. They are especially lovely side by side in a bowl with a poached egg on top.
Pounds weren't an option so read the manually entered ingredients list.
the salt is kosher

Red and Purple

Eat hot or cold alone or with "Yellow and Green"
When eating cold it is good drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
the onions are Red
the salt is Kosher

Medditerranian Vegetable Stew

A yummy veggie stew to eat hot or cold

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