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Recipes I've Shared:

Pepper Steak Fettucine

This dish is amazing. My boys eat it up like nobody's business every time I make it!

Oven fired fish nuggets

Redone from a recipe book I have. Adjusted some ingredients to see if this works better :)

Grilled Chicken Parmesan

My kis love Chicken Parmesan, but being that I am eating low carb, I couldn't make it the same way anymore. After making this, they fell in love with it :)

Creamy Pork Chop Dinner

One meal all in one dish! A recipe from a cookbook that I changed a little.

Smores fudge

Yummy! My kids love this, and it is light!! Perfect after dinner treat, and I don't feel guilty. Have two if you want :)

Turkey fetuccine skillet

I got this recipe out of the Taste of Home Cooking Comfort "Diet" cookbook. I adjusted it just a touch more to slim off even more calories :)

Greek pasta salad

A nice quick lunch

Strawberry Chiller

I got this recipe out of a weight watchers cookbook :) A nice refreshing beverage.

Zesty White Beans and Tomatoes

A great compliment to grilled dinners.

Veggie loaded crockpot roast

I love potroast, and by adding some super yummy veggies, I dont miss the potatoes. I add a big bowl of mixed greens on the side with a touch of dressing, and it fills me up really good!

Curried chicken salad

Sometimes I mix this up, add halved grapes or toasted almond slivers. A little celery one day, maybe onion the next. This is my base for chicken salad, no matter what day it is. The chicken preperation is different from other recipes, but holds the most flavor!!

Olive Garden, my way

I saw a new dish featured on a commercial for Olive Garden, and by just looking at the two fried chicken breasts on the plate, I knew it was definitely unhealthy. So, I put my hand at rewriting a healthier version.

Very Good (1 rating)
Rachel Ray's Wild Mushroom Spaghetti Revised!

I love this veggie extravaganza of RR's, but when I found out that the original dish was almost 1000 cool calories, I knew there had to be a way to minimize that without losing amazing flavor. To be honest, I could never finish an entire portion of the original recipe.

Mediterranean Mussels

I love this with a big old salad. It is my weekend lunch when I am home from work relaxing.

Salad with tuna on top

I love this kind of quick lunch when I get home from work!

Sweet soy-soaked salmon fillets over noodle-y veggies

Another Rachel Ray recipe that I tried to convert to a healthier version. I peeled a smooth 500 calories off of this dish by exchanging ingredients and reducing others. Please give me feedback on how you think it tastes. Enough flavor? The potassium in this dish is high, even after I adjusted things~maybe from the veggies? All suggestions are welcome.

Pasta with broccoli and sausage with a ricotta surprise-revised

This originally is a Rachel Ray recipe that I loved to make my kids. With a few adjustments and healthy replacements, I have knocked off about 200 calories from it. Tell me what you think!

turkey taco salad

In no time at all I have a great dinner in one dish. I love salads, and this is a way to get my kids to eat it too!! It is easy to omit an ingredient that they don't like, while still getting all the ones that I love!

Grilled Pizza

I have been looking for a grilled pizza recipe, and couldn't find one that I liked. So, by taking advice from other grilled pizza recipes, and combining them with healthier toppings that I like, I created this recipe.

Fiesta Beans

You can use this as a side dish, a filling for tacos or pitas, or even burritos!

Very Good (1 rating)
Inside-out Pizza-dilla Margerita

I love margerita pizza! The fresh ingredients are amazing. This is a low cal wonderful treat! You can make it low-sodium by choosing a low sodium can of tomatoes, or sometimes I omit the canned, and use fresh, diced tomatoes. Makes sodium even lower!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Lisa's Found Treasures
Summertime recipes
Rachel Ray revisions
I love her cooking. I don't know how she cooks the way she does and is so small! So, I am determined to revise some of her recipes into something I can sensibly enjoy. Who needs 1/4 c of olive oil in one dish????