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Recipes I've Shared:

Very Good (2 ratings)
Pistachio Crust

Low carb crust for low carb cheesecake

Flaxmeal Meatloaf

meatloaf for low carb diet....made with flax meal instead of bread crumbs, reduced sugar ketchup instead of regular.

Oopsie roll french toast

french toast made from Oopsie rolls

Redneck Nacho Dip

Something I was introduced to years ago, I make it very spicy and eat it like a meal when I am packs lots of taste and is filling

Very Good (1 rating)
Spicy Crustless Broccoli Quiche

This quiche has been an absolute for me over the years. Spicy and really hits the spot

Very Good (5 ratings)
Spinach Tuna Salad

a little bit tuna salad, a little bit spinach dip....a whole lot yummy!

Very Good (1 rating)
Hardcore Chocolate protein Pancakes

low carb protein pancakes
Shown in pic w/ natural almond butter and sugar free chocolate sauce

CocoaNUT Oopsie Rolls

oopsie rolls w/ cocoa and coconut flavored cool whip free

Protein Oatmeal Pancakes w/ Blueberries

This is a good addition to my meal plan. I got it from a girl on a figure competitors site and it's yummy...I tweaked it a bit to make it my own.... I can't wait to try some variations with it that she mentioned.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Peanut Butter Cottage Cheesecake Dessert

this is a variation of the Cottage Cheese Cake is AMAZING IMO...It tastes like peanut butter cheescake pudding

Spicy-Cheesy Turkey Burgers

I love these and go for days where these are my main form of protein,' cause they're JUST that yummy.

The spices are all to taste, I love it spicy but not everyone would love it as spicy as I do.

Chili Key Lime Chicken

This is a big favorite of mine, it seems to make it's own juices and is simple and fast.

try with the "Key Lime Garlic Sauce" in my recipes

*** Also GREAT with tilapia

Very Good (1 rating)
Peanut Butter Cup Crispy Tortilla Dessert

This is awesome to curb a peanut butter or chocolate craving...It's kind of like a crepe, but crunchy....Try it with banana for an twist.

French Toast Aussi

Another guilt free french toast-hence the "French toast Too" name

Taco-Chicken Fit-zza (pizza)

All of the flavors of taco chicken but the satisfaction of pizza.

Chicken & Broccoli Fit-zza (Pizza)

This is fast, easy and really tasty....When I make my BF pizza I make myself one of these. The crust is nice and thin and crispy ; it TOTALLY hits the spot.

Sugar-Free Caramalized Banana Sauce

Similar to my Bananas Foster recipe except this one is RICHER! It can be served with any of the things I mention in that one. (Over Cottage Cheese Cake, with cinnamon tortilla chips, w/ a waffle or pancakes. It can also go in oatmeal.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Spicy Chipotle Taco Onion Burger

I had this last night for dinner and it was probably one of tthe best burgers I've ever had...Smoky and spicy and just plain delicious.

Bananas Foster Cottage Cheesecake

This is a great warm/cold dessert...Can be eaten alone, with a Nutri-grain waffle or with cinnamon/splenda baked tortilla chips

Tasty Taco Grilled Chicken & Pasta (for one)

You can chose if you want to make it low sodium, mild, medium or spicy. I looove spicy so I made mine that way...

NOTE*** I made this on a high calorie day but you can have 4oz. of chicken and 2 oz. of pasta and take 155 calories off of this number bringing it down to 430 calories for the whole meal.

Banana Power Protein French Toast

One of my favorite post work out meals

Guilt Free French Toast

This is another version of french toast that I make at home or order in breakfast type restaurants.

Low-Sugar Chocolate-Cheesecake Protein Pudding

This dessert is to die for and can be made with so many different flavors. Try chocolate, vanilla, pistachio—the sky's the limit! Plus, it has 19 grams of protein in just one serving!

Very Good (2 ratings)
A base for the Cottage Cheesecake Dessert

This is the base for alot of yummy options but I sometimes eat it alone or with cinnamon and wanted to have it in my recipes.....GREAT way to add protein without carbs or sugar....GREAT sweet tooth fix...

I eat this plain, on a w/w waffle, w/w tortilla or with cinnamon w/w tortilla chips (made at home in the oven)

This also travels GREAT in a cooler and fruit can be added when desired.

Key Lime-Garlic sauce (lo-fat/hi-protein)

This is a great alternative to aioli, tartar sauce or other sauces for fish. The mayo is replaced with whipped cottage cheese.

I use this on the tuna cakes as well as on tilapia or catfish.

Great on Chili Key Lime Chicken (in my recipes)

Apple Pie Power Cheesecake (alone)

I love this recipe after a workout....Substantial enough to hold you over for awhile and sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth..Can be eaten as snack, breakfast or dessert.

Tuna Cakes

This is a yummy, high in protein main dish that can be eaten as a burger or alone with a salad or fresh veggies (my option)
This is very similar to a crab cake and can also be made with canned chicken or canned salmon.

This can be eaten as one serving or split into two depending on your needs.

Low Fat Spicy Taco Salad Dressing

This recipe came along by accident. I was trying to make ranch with cottage cheese and bought a packet of Fiesta Dip mix and WOW this totally rocked my salad.

Happy accident :)

Apple Pie Power Cheesecake Dessert

This recipe has been a lifesaver for me and can be made not only with apples but also with bananas, blueberries and strawberries (what ever fruit you like)....I eat it by itself, I wrap it in a tortilla or I make cinnamon tortilla chips and dio them.....I have also tried it with vanilla pudding, cheese cake pudding as well as playing with the extracts to change it up.

A godsend of a recipe.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Cherry Doll'S Yummy & Spicy Guilt Free Cookbook
Welcome to my Cookbook. In here you will find my favorite recipes for sticking to healthy eating. I love sweet and I love spicy and those things are a must for me to eat healthy longterm, so I make all kinds of things to keep me on the Yummy & Spicy fit track.
Recipes from others that I want to try
Recipes from others that I want to try
Recipes from others that I want to try