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Recipes I've Shared:

Goya Bean Chili

this bean chili is so easy even I can do it :)

Salmon Melt on bread with cheese

melted cheese atop pink salmon sandwich

Cheddar and crackers

4 whole wheat crackers and a small piece of cheddar cheese

Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Peaches

very simple low fat cottage cheese with peaches mixed in

Whole Grain Linguini

Whole Grain Linguini w/ Spaghetti Sauce

English Muffin pizza with Pizza sauce

My other recipe uses spaghetti sauce, this one uses pizza sauce, with olive oil. makes is much less sodium etc.


Simple cheeseburger. Values from

Fried Egg Sandwich

Fried egg on wheat with American processed cheese and dab of low fat mayo. Use butter or substitute or preferred. Note that changing items will change nutrition too.

Hot Dogs, Two

2 turkey hot dogs in bread, nice little snack

Hot Dog, One

a little snack, one hot dog in a slice of bread.

Chicken Patty Sandwich

A simple sandwich made with your choice of bread, mayo if desired, slice of cheese (I use American packaged) and on Banquet Chicken patty.

Low Fat Macaroni Salad

macaroni Salad with low fat mayo

Hash Brown Sandwich

hash brown sandwich

Chocolate Banana protein Smoothie

Fat Free Chocolate Banana Smoothie, no sugar. Just add skim milk and banana and ice

Simple tossed salad

Basic and easy tossed salad.

Grilled Salmon Melt

Very similar to melted salmon salad except uses Gorton's Flame Grilled Salmon

Very Good (3 ratings)
Turkey Ham and Processed American Cheese Sandwich

Simply a few slices of turkey ham from the deli section, add cheese of your choice. I used store brand wheat bread and a dab of low fat mayo.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Microwave Butternut Squash

simply a butternut squash microwaved. I used one about a pound and a half.Skin was cooked but not eaten. I also doubled the time.

Eggplant sandwich

this is a simple eggplant sandwich made with frozen eggplant slices.

Ziti with sauce

This came from a deli. Values are best guess.
Sauce is meatless.

NOT tuna casserole

basic tuna noodle casserole without the tuna. Some folks like to use one can of Cream of Mushroom soup and one can Cream of Chicken soup but I prefer all cream of chicken.

Very Good (1 rating)
Egg Beaters Sandwich

Easy to make scrambled egg sandwich topped with store brand processed cheese. I use low fat mayo or butter substitute but the amount is so small that the ingredients are not included.

Linguine and Hunts Meat Sauce

Very plain, very simple Linguine and sauce. Heat and serve. What could be easier ? can substitute Linguine for any pasta and meat sauce for any sauce. Pasta and sauce is 8 servings per container, paste service is 2 oz, sauce is 1/2 cup. I make the entire container but you don't have to. Flavor with Parmesan or whatever if desired.

very easy vegetable soup

Very easy to make vegetable soup, hopefully low sodium. some ingredients not listed because i could not find them but they are very small amounts anyway. I used others recipes as a guide and some amounts. like water, are guesses.