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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Maybe not the healthiest choice but in moderation all things are good and this is absolutely DELISH!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Spinach-Cheddar Omelet Roll

A baked omelet filled with spinach, cheddar cheese and bacon and rolled for an elegant presentation.

Southwestern Fajita Quiche

Sautéed chicken and peppers blended with cheese and Southwestern Egg Beaters baked in a tortilla crust.

Twisted No-Dorito Chicken Bake

Since I didn't care for the Dorito Bake recipe I found I put my own twist on it and am passing it on to y'all. Use whatever temp. salsa your family prefers. Could also be good with onion or corn added in but my family does not care for it that way.

Mexican Chicken

This is, for the most part, how I make my meat for mexican dishes. I was taught to make this by a woman that grew up in Mexico and she also taught me the traditional way to make quacamole which I also have listed under my recipes. I have used this with both chicken (as it is listed) and with pork. I used the same ingredients regardless of the meat. I have not used this with beef and cannot guarantee how that would turn out. I tend to really spice things up without adding a lot of heat so you can adjust these amounts for seasonings to suit your family. This meat can be used in ANY mexican dish or just for a nice change to your meat! Hope you enjoy!

Lizz's Salmon

This is a delicious way to prepare salmon using your grill.


This is the way I was taught to make guacamole by a friend from Mexico. The amounts are just general add more or less to your liking. You just want to keep it so you have just a little more tomato then onion, and about as much cilantro as you have onion.

Tuna Casserole

Just something the kids love and its easy when you need a quick and EASY meal. May not be the healthiest but very tasty.

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Strawberry & Chicken Spinach Salad

This is a good lunch or light dinner recipe. Can be served with some toasted french bread and a nice tall glass of cold ice tea!

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