Recipes I've Shared:

Chicken/Vegetable Soup

Got this recipe from a girl at book club.

Mom's "Never Enough" Meatball Sauce

It truly is the never enough sauce, whenever there is a potluck, mom's sauce is requested. There are variations - you can use apple jelly instead of grape. You can add more or less of any of the ingredients. It is tangy and wonderful, you can use a lot or a little sauce, regardless you will be satisfied!


My mom makes these, search for the "Never Enough" sauce, that's what makes it incredible.

Quick Corned Beef Hash

We like multiple variations of this recipe. Sometimes we add potatoes to it, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we put it on a tortilla. Also, you can fry up the hash, then fry an egg to put on it. Often we just scramble the eggs. The options are endless! :)

My Filling Breakfast Smoothie

I like Slim Fast, but I found it wasn't very filling. I've been experimenting with smoothies, and this is what I found. It lasts me all morning and it tastes great too!