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Very Good (2 ratings)
101 Cookbooks Raw Kale Salad

This is not a hair-shirt food - it's fantastic. Please try this recipe!!! From the lovely 101 Cookbooks. I make mine sans breadcrumbs and then eat it on ... everything. Also available in the original version, here;
uscan-kale-salad-recipe.html .

Completely Yum Homemade Veggie Burgers

Lentils, brown rice, nuts, tofu, oats ... yum, right? Yes! This is worth trying, and makes a hundred-thousand servings. Give it a go - you won't miss the bun. :)

1950's Pseudo-Mexican Salad

This is basically the sum of its parts, but the parts are good. The only "mexican" thing about it is that it's quite good with Mexican food. It's filling and makes a terrific lunch with some rice and beans. The serving size and the amounts are for a large lunch, as a meal. The amounts listed below are to more easily upscale it to feed more people - this goes over like gangbusters at a potluck!

Pioneer Woman's Penne a la Betsy!

There's a healthy version if you search "Penne a la Betsy," on spark, but if you did make the full fat version from the inestimable PW site, here:
r_penne_a_la_betsy/ I thought I'd at least share the breakdown.

Fall Favorite Peanut Yam Soup

My take on traditional Senegalese peanut soup. Add pumpkin or other winter squash chunks for even more Fall flavor!

1-minute Homeade Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

This is the simplest thing for a bagged salad mix to take to work. Just add all the ingredients (except the salt) into your container, shake, add salad greens, take to work. When you're ready to eat it, salt the salad (sparingly!) and shake the container. Voila.

The honey and mustard will keep the dressing from separating, but be sure to use oil and vinegar you really like; you still really taste both.

Whole Grain Rice in Rice Cooker

Always use a 2 to 1 ratio of water to brown rice in the rice cooker for regular brown rice. If you like your rice a bit less textured, or if you have a really heavy-hulled rice such as red or black rice, use 2.5 to 1 ratio.

101 Cookbooks Pinto Beans Recipe

Healthful, easy and warming. Mmmmm. Beans in this recipe soak overnight, so be forewarned. Lovely over brown rice.

101 Cookbooks Sushi Bowl Recipe

This is basically just a deconstructed nori-roll. I've included the instructions for cooking brown rice here, but when I'm pinched for time I just grab for frozen, pre-cooked brown rice (freeze it yourself, or look for it in the freezer section at Whole Foods).

Clam and Mussel Stew with Capocollo and Vesuvius Tomatoes

Chef Jody Adams of Rialto at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge is famous for this type of rustic dish. At the restaurant she serves the stew on mashed potatoes.

101 Cookbooks Seeded Flatbread

With soup or salad, it's a lovely way to have some fresh-baked whole wheat and protein. Though the cooking time and prep time isn't much, the instructions do call for the dough to rise in the fridge *at least* a day. However, it's even better later, so you can make this quickly and have ready-for-the-oven bread all week.

101 Cookbooks Split Pea Soup Recipe (with Spinach)

This is a really hearty soup, and the spinach adds an extra nutritional punch without really changing the taste. Freezes well.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
101 Cookbooks Lentil Soup

The Heidi Swanson recipe I make most often. I eat this with disturbing regularity, normally with a poached egg on top at home. When I take it to work for lunch I take an avocado with me to add after I've reheated it.

101 Cookbooks Otsu Salad

This is the best hot day lunch I know! I've adapted the 101 Cookbooks version a bit to make it more accessible, but it's the same in the essentials. (I normally use regular rice vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil and have good results.) Great source of whole grains and vitamins!

Baked Brown Rice with Dill and Fennel

This is really excellent with just a big salad; really filling. I like to use a combination of chopped fresh fennel and shallot, but whatever you like with the seasonings would work just fine. It'd be great with artichokes, romano and parsley, too :) Word to the wise - don't use dried dill! I tried it once and it tasted like a pickle.

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101 Cookbooks
Recipes myself and others have entered from Heidi Swanson's 101 Cookbooks website.