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Lucy's green protein smoothie

wonderful way to start the day strong! packed with good stuff and big enough for two generous servings or one low-cal blender-ful.

Vegan Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

so, so, so good - light, chewy, and really just irresistible!

protein blondies

small, moist, not too sweet. I like to add a little noncaloric sweetener, or sugar-free maple syrup to sweeten the deal.

vegan protein pudding bars

I mix this into a big bowl, then carefully spoon servings into sandwich bags. then I freeze or refrigerate. They are very moist - sometimes I eat them with a spoon. They're great to take on the go - low in everything bad, high in everything good, and pretty tasty, too! I plan to work on this recipe to make bars that are more manageable and less moist. Considering baking them as well.

perfect green smoothie with fiber

has it all, and tastes great. add a drop of honey, agave or stevia to taste, or drink as it is, with the natural sweetness of the fruit!

hemp almond shake

not too sweet but very satisfying - tastes like the earth!

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rockin' green smoothie

this may look gross and take a little warming-up-to, but it's oh so satisfying and calming, and is kind of like eating a garden. yum yum!

Norwegian Rye Rolls

this recipe was a gift from a man I met while traveling. He was a brilliant man working on HIV treatment and prevention. He made these rolls for himself 2 or 3 times each week, and found that the rye flour (whole rye, not refined) was beneficial to him, moreso than regular wheat flour. They are dense and moist and satisfying, dark and flavorful. Make sure to salt the dough also - about a tsp.

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