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T Italian bread cook's country

My version of cook's country Italian bread.

T Roqueford Dressing

Add blue cheese in crumbles to salad. Not included in total. Decrease yogurt if you want it thicker.

T Russian Dressing

A modified Atkins dressing. If can find sugar free catsup, use 2 packets Splenda. This is very flavorful. 1 tablespoon is probably enough on a salad.

Pizza Crust 16 inch Half Resistant Starch

I am experimenting with subbing hi maize resistant starch for some of the flour in my standard pizza crust in an effort to reduce the glycemic index and reduce the calories. Flour has 400 calories per cup and Hi Maize has 140.

T lasagna 2017

Lasagna made August of 2017.

Incredible! (1 rating)
T Nappa Honey Vinegar Slaw

Family recipe. Needed calculations.

T Zone friendly Vegetable Soup 1.5cSvg/10Cal/0z

Zone friendly filling vegetable soup with a 12 ounce serving containing around 130 calories.
I measured the ground beef before and after cooking. 1.4 ounces of burger raw yields 1 ounce cooked.
The calculations from a zone calculator show the balance ratio to be 36-41-23

T Crock Pot Chili/ 164Cal per cup

Makes a big crock pot full of chili with each cup containing about 164 calories or about 20 calories an ounce.
I freeze it in 12 ounce containers for lunches or 6 ounce containers for hearty snacks containing about 120 calories.

T Pizza

Make dough in bread machine.

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