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Recipes I've Shared:

100% Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

This is NOT my own recipe, just one I found online, and decided to use. I am sharing this recipe so others can try it, but I haven't actually finished making it. As I type the dough is rising. If you need a suggestion for topping, I use low fat mozzarella, shredded, low fat ragu sauce, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, halved, and red onion. I also take fresh mozzarella (found in a lump, or a small ball) and cut thick slices and toss on top for an added "treat" for the kids. Happy baking!

Home cooked applesauce

I make this for my boys with apples picked at my father's farm. I think fresh apples, cooked at home just before pureeing work best.

Mommy's yummy squash soup

Ok, I love butternut squash, it is my favorite vegetable, so naturally I think anything made with squash is totally delish! However, hubby and kids think squash sucks, to put it nicely, and refuse to even look at anything that has the word squash in it. So, I made this soup today and fed it to the kids, hubby saw what was in it and refused, but the kids ate it up. In fact, the baby, age 3, ate three (kid sized) bowls! It smells like holiday stuffing, tastes a bit like chicken....but it 100% healthy

Breakfast Burrito

This is an adaptation of a recipe from Sonoma Diet. It can be found, with only a slight modification, in the Sonoma Diet cookbook and website.

Low fat Pizza

Yum. Enough said. Oh, wait, easy, too.

Garbanzo bean dip

Yummy dip for veggies!

Green Mac N Cheese

I love sneaking veggies into my kids foods, and this is one of my (read: their) favorite recipes! I took a recipe from Jessica Seinfeld's book "Deceptively Delicious" and altered it to meet my families needs and desires. It tastes great, but if you have one who has a problem with textures, leave out the chick peas, they make it a little gritty. Oh, and just a suggestion, if your kids won't eat anything green, add more carrots and butternut squash in place of the spinach, the color will blend better.

The best sandwich ever!

I love to use pita instead of bread, it's lower in calories (if you get the right kind), and you can stuff it full and not worry about the ingredients falling out!
A couple of pointers: 1. the nutrition facts are not exact. I use a lower calorie whole wheat pita. 2. you can use any veggie you want. 3. no, you don't have to use hummus, some people don't like it. 4. You can make this a high protein vegan meal by substituting the whole wheat pita for an eggless version, or by making it into a lettuce wrap instead. Yum!

Grandma's Holiday Snickerdoodles

MMMM..Okay, not lowfat, not especially healthful, but everything is ok in moderation, right? EAT THESE IN MODERATION!

Fasting Juice

a great healthy juice. this juice is thick and filling, low in sugar and high in vitamins. I use this juice recipe when I'm doing a three day juice fast/detox

Low Fat Vegetarian Omelet

This is my favorite ultra filling, high protein, veggie-full breakfast. the addition of a single egg yolk to the white adds the flavor of whole eggs. yum

Veggie Quesadilla's

Yum! I think that's all I need to say. The avocado gives this classic kids favorite a heart healthy boost, the tomatoes and bell peppers (in four different colors) make this recipe grown up friendly, too. MMMMMMMM!

Very Good (5 ratings)
Heart Healthy Pasta Bake

This is a delicious alternative to lasagna, and a more "user-friendly" version of spaghetti with sauce. Baking the sauce into the pasta makes it slightly less messy for kids, and there's no long skinny noodles to gag on if they aren't cut properly. The mozzarella cheese adds calcium, and using multigrain pasta with omega 3's makes this dish oh-so-healthy!
Oh, and for all you vegetarians: check out the protein in a single cup of this delicious pasta dish!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Homemade Rhubarb Pie

Fresh rhubarb from the garden....
a little sugar....
a homemade pie crust made with whole wheat flour......

yum! This is awesome pie, and I should know, I'm a pie lover!

Vegan chili con carne

Taste, looks and feels like chili with meat. Don't tell your friends that it's meat free, and they'll never know the difference. It's a little soupier than most chili's and can probably pass as a bean soup. We had crackers, cheese and ketchup to ours. I didn't add any spices because I have little people who can't handle them, but feel free to add liberal amounts of chili powder, garlic, red peppers, etc.

Buttermilk Crust Veggie Pizza

I've changed a few things about this recipe to make it lower in fat, and whole wheat! My hubby to be and kids eat this all the time.
Just a quick note: my hubby to be eats a lot, and 2 slices of this pizza will fill him full! also, the dough can be rolled extra thin to form 2 smaller pizzas with a thinner crust.
The prep time includes rising time for the crust.

Mac n Cheese

Kid friendly, and a good source of protein and calcium. with the whole wheat pasta and garbanzo beans, this recipe is satisfying, and high in fiber, at least as far as mac and cheese goes! When I make this for the kids, I throw in a jar of Ragu cheddar sauce to hide the onions and beans