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This recipe is great for all occasions. In our house we keep it made up in advance & in the Refrigerator all summer and Football season. It works great on everything! Our 2 favorite uses are for "Chinese Chicken Wings" on the grill and "Make your own Kabob" parties! To throw a kabob party have each participant bring their favorite meat or seafood, place all offerings in separate bowls, supply various veggies, cubed, kabob sticks, squeeze bottles of sauce, & hot grills. Then everyone makes & cooks their own! Serve with rice or noodles!


The Hijiki, a form of seaweed pronounced "hi-gee-key", can be found at most Asian supermarkets in dried form. If you can't find it Wakame, pronounced "wah-kah-me," can be used in it's place. If you use "Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar" you may want to hold the sugar as it already contains sugar.


In a former life (pre-children days) I was a chef and had my own catering business (called - Katering- what else??) My speciality was "Any ethnic dish you crave." I learned how to cook many cultural dishes from the people from those various cultures. My family and I share a love of Asian food because of this! Here is one of my favorite light summer dinners! This would also be a great luncheon entree!

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Irish Soda Biscuits

This can be made with lots of varitions such as adding cocoa powder for a chocolate craving or using chocolate chips instead of raisins. Although that would change the fat & sugar levels slightly! I tweaked this to suit my ADHD son. So it's a lower fat, less sugar version of the typical Irish Soda Cookie!

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Lower Fat Fudge Brownies

I created this recipe for my son. We watch his intake of sugar due to his ADHD. So this is actually a lower sugar, lower fat brownie and you would never know it!

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