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Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies (Yum!)

Found this online and modified it a little. Makes a LOT of cookies. I managed to get about 6 dozen out of the batch. They're yummy and not too sweet, so they'll be easy to share!

Indian Rasgullas

Something I found online while looking for an authentic Indian dessert for my husband's birthday

Indian Sweet Bread

Found this while looking for an Indian dessert to go with a dinner I was making for my husband.

Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole

Something my Mom used to make. It's SO good and very easy to make

Kate's Turkey Chili

This is a BIG recipe! Plenty for leftovers or a gameday event. This chili can even be frozen for later meals!!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Yummy Pumpkin Muffins

I've disciovered the yumminess of pumpkin! These are GREAT and even BETTER warmed up a little in the microwave!

Fluffy Pumpkin Stuff

I've recently discovered that I like pumpkin, so, I was playing in the kitchen and came up with this. I only had nutmeg and cinnamon, so, that's what is figured into the nutritional information.

Fresh Apple Cake

Can substitute items to make a lighter version. This cake is served great warm and it's good with cool whip on top!

Mom's Taco Salad

This recipe makes a LOT of salad, but, it is great leftovers!

Beans and Franks (For the crockpot)

Something my Mom made when we were kids. Usually served with cornbread.

Chicken and Rice With Water Chestnuts

I threw this together tonight. It's a variation of what my Mom used to make. Add some veggies and bamboo shoots for more flavor

Incredible! (1 rating)
Mr. MacGregor's Pie

This is an OLD recipe that my Mom made when we were kids. I guess it's close to shepherd's pie, but, I've only ever had this! Top off with ketchup if you want, we used to do that when I was a kid!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Made with Splenda!)

These are SO good and no additional sugar in them REALLY helps keep them "healthy". I've also used dried cranberries and golden raisins together and they're VERY tasty! A favorite in my house!

Chocolate Pie

VERY quick and easy to make and SO good!

Kate's Vanilla Protein Shake

Feel Free to add different flavors of pudding mix for other flavor combos! I'm always adding things to this. Cinnamon is GREAT! My new favorite? This with a banana blended in! YUM!

Kate's Chocolate Protein Shake

Great protein shake and easy to mix. For a variation, try other flavors of pudding mix or add fruit! SEVERAL different combinations for lots of variety!

EASY Crustless Quiche (sort of...)

EASY to make! A recipe given to me by my dietician. Can use any combo of veggies and can add bacon or turkey as you see fit! ENJOY!

Lemon-Lime Daiquiri Layered Dessert

NICE and cold for a hot day!

Lemon Mousse With Raspberry Sauce

Great For Summers in the backyard!

Tequilaless Margarita Cake

Slight Variation on a recipe I found here. I'm testing it out tomorrow!

Chicken Cheese and Potato Bake

Variation on something found on Spark Recipes. Only cheese I had was string cheese. It's still baking now......

Apple Dump Cake

Easy, simple and delicious. Literally dump and bake

Caramel Apple Dip

A GREAT Fall snack to go with fresh apples. Packs well for work or school lunches and helps with a sweet tooth!

Feel free to use either a fat free or light cream cheese to lower the fat and calorie content!

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