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Simple Italian Chicken Bake

Quick and easy baked chicken the whole family will enjoy. Add a side of whole grain rice and green beans to complete this meal!

Luscious Fruity Smoothie

If you losing weight with exercise, try this smoothie. Raspberries are low in calories and an excellent source of potassium (which can be lost with exercise).

From "The Super Smoothies Deck"

Hangover Helper Smoothie

Watermelons are approximately 92% water (for those thirsty mornings) and is an excellent electrolyte replacer.

The calories may be a little off depending on brands and ingredients.

From "The Super Smoothies Deck"

Cure for PMS Smoothie

A little high in carbs, but this smoothie contains raspberries, chocolate (which stimulates pleasure centers in the brain), mint (which may help reduce cramps), and soy (which contains plant-based hormones that can help relieve mood swings accompianied by PMS).

The calories of this recipe may vary depending on the brand of chocolate sorbet.

Remember, you can substitute any of the ingredients with a low-sugar or a low-fat option to reduce calories.

From "The Super Smoothies Deck"

Curb your Cravings Smoothie

When you're craving something creamy and sweet, this smoothie will suffice without the calories.

Remember, calories may vary depending on the brand of apple juice you use. To lower the calories as much as possible, opt for a no sugar added or fat free solution.

From "The Super Smoothies Deck"

Flu-Busting Smoothie

The fruit combination gives an extra boost of Vitamin C. Made for those stuffy-head, runny-nose, feeling-lousy kind of days.

From "The Super Smoothies Deck"

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