Recipes I've Shared:

2 point potato soup (from WW)

This is a low fat version of a comfort food classic. Got the recipe at a Weight Watchers meeting many moons ago. WW didn't work for me, but the soup is still great!

Roasted Butternut Squash a la Sandra Lee

Saw something similar on a Semi-Homemade show with Sandra Lee. This is my take on it.

Dr. Oz's snack mix

This is like a trail mix for energy. Makes a good substitute breakfast also

Jan's Fat Free Refried Beans

Authentic Mexican flavor without the fat. Yummy for a dip, side dish, or a burrito filling

Eddie's Easy Roasted Potatoes

My kid's favorite. Great for potluck dinners, too.

Jan's Burrito Lite

Very simple to prepare, flavorful chicken burrito. If calories are an issue, cut in half and save half for following day. Worth every bite.

Recipes I've Rated: