Recipes I've Shared:

Spiced Chicken Breasts with Poblano and Bell Pepper Rajas

Spicy and super yummy!! Just a great comfort food. :)

GFCF French Toast (1 serving = 1 piece of French Toast)

GFCF French Toast with Kinnikinnick White Sandwich Bread

Crockpot Fun Soup (1 serving = 2 cups)

Threw what we had in the crockpot - and, whamo! WE HAVE DINNER!!

Quick Mix Whole Wheat Pancakes

Makes about 10 pancakes (1 serving = 1 pancake)

GFCF Peanut Butter Fudge

This is so fast and tastes just amazing - you'd never know there was no dairy in it!! It is WAY too good!!