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Recipes I've Shared:

Mostly Primal Mini Muffins

This does contain dairy in the form of cultured cheese. Some primal folks say no dairy at all, some allow cultured cheese. Depends on who you ask.

This is gluten-free. Wash the mushrooms after you remove them from the can to wash off the sodium from the packing water, which will lower the total sodium of this recipe.

I used leftover brisket to make these, which was already seasoned.

Turkey Bacon Jam

I add a tsp of this to my scrambled eggs in the morning when I have no time to actually cook a meat to go with my breakfast.

Pineapple carrot salad with no mayo

Pineapple carrot salad with no mayo for those of us who hate mayo.

Kae's Green Smoothie

My apple/pear green smoothie

Root Veggie soup

just something thrown together

Kae's Morning Protein Drink

Just a way for me to get extra protein into my day, and a smoothie that does NOT have bananas in it, since I'm deathly allergic.

Creamy curry soup

You can subtract what little fat there is from this recipe from making sure to use de-fatted chicken stock and skim milk. However, the heavy cream is what makes this so rich, and it's only a small amount compared to the amount of soup this makes.

Homemade Fruit & Gelatine Cups

This is my response to the corn syrup laden fruit & jello cups that my daughter loves so much. For serving this, I recommend the XS gladlock storage bowls that hold around 5oz. This recipe makes 24 of those. I'm sure you can use other size containers, just be sure to account for that in the serving size, as that will up the calories (as well as everything else). Also, the ONLY sweetener added to this is the honey. The juice has no added sugar (all natural fruit sugars only) and the fruit cocktail is in light syrup that I drain *before* putting it in the bowls.

The Knox Gelatine box has a recipe on it for fruit jello, but I didn't like it. It was too solid and too sweet... so I changed the quantities, added fruit and honey, and this is what I came up with.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Muffins

I'm working on this recipe to make it lower fat and pack in more fiber... so I'll probably change it around a lot more. Enjoy it if you want, I really like it. I got it from Sparkrecipes under "Low Fat Dark Chocolate Muffins" or something like that, but I didn't much care for the applesauce & egg whites, so I substituted full fat in there, and will start carving down the fat & calories a different way.