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Depression (crazy) Cake with frosting

Makes a fast easy dense chocolate cake. I've even mixed up all the dry ingredients and placed them in containers for fast easy cake mixes. I found this recipe because my husband's grandmother use to make one very similar to it for him as a treat. This is soooo not low cal or anything, but i'm looking at ways to improve it.

My Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipie has been made for 4 generations that I know of. The original calls for lard instead of crisco...This is the half batch since I don't need 5 dozen cookies running around.

Odd Salsa

I was craving salsa and threw this together. great way to sneak avacado into your diet. Makes about 4 cups of salsa nutrition figured off 32 servings (2 oz per serving)

homeade pizza 2

just a fast pizza useing fresh ingredients and very good. Light and a great snack. someday soon i'm going to try it with a homeade pizza crust too.

Beef Sandwich Spread

Good use of leftover Roast Beef

Homeade Tortilla

A recipie I found when I got tired of buying tortillas all the time. Actual recipie calls for 2tsp salt, but my kids didn't notice the cut back. I think you could replace .5 to a cup of the flour with wheat flour and get away with it, but i've not tried it

Czech Potato Soup

I got this recipe from a Czech cook book my mother got when we visited the Czech Republic in the summer of '07. It makes a nice creamy potato soup. The salt, marjoram and chives have no messurements and I just sprinkle on what I feel but what I have is a reasonable guess. I use onion powder instead of onion for family reasons. The veggies can be varried as you like them. The recipe just calls for 200g.

items in the () are what I put for the nutritional calculations.

You can dry your own mushrooms for this by buying some, slicing and then laying on a screen or rack in a warm oven. I've seen things on the internet that say just laying them out with a fan to blow on them lightly works as well. The oven is what works for me and 8 oz of fresh mushrooms will make about 20g of dried...roughly

Sloppy Joes (BBQ)

This is a recipie that my mom use to make. It makes a pound of hamburger stretch pretty far and is fast and easy to make for get togethers. Low Fat mayo would probably benifit the nutrition

Macaroni Salad

Just a yummy salad that I make for get togethers and such. There is not a ton of extra sauce with this recipie, and would probably benifit from being made with fat free ranch/mayo.

Greek Salad

Funny little recipie i got and it's missing olives, red onions cause we don't like those, and you can marinade some chicken with the dressing to add more protien. you will want to do that a few hours in advance. but we like it just as it is. Can be served with pita bread that's been quartered, brushed with the dressing and toasted in the oven.

Nutritional info is without the optionals.

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