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Broccoli, Cauliflower & Bacon Salad

Delicious addition to any picnic or barbecue, this yummy salad is sure to run out fast!!!

Zucchini Casserole

This is a family recipe that is oh so delicious. The ultimate comfort food without all the calories! You can substitute the original Bisquick with a low calorie/low fat version, use low fat cheddar to decrease the calories even more & add your own veggies, spices, etc, but this yummy recipe is low on calories without scrimping on flavor!! Use different cheeses for a flavor variation!

Hot & Spicy Sesame Sticks Mix

Delicious protein & energy packed snack mix for the trail or a backpacking trip. A little spice to keep it tasty! This gorp is for an action packed day with little time to break for meals.

Em & Em Gorp

This is a great energy snack mix for backpacking trips or day hikes. Also a very kid friendly gorp. It is not low calorie, but it can substitute for a meal on the trail. We use this mix & several others when our family goes camping for a week (Hence the 30 servings) Substitute any of your favorite snacks. High carb & delicious!

Mini Thin Pizza Dough Crusts

Ever craving "real" pizza but afraid to trust yourself by ordering or making a whole pizza? Try these mini thin crust pizzas - delicious! And better yet, YOU control the calories! Recipe includes calorie amounts for crust & sauce only, the toppings will need to be calculated separately.

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