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Recipes I've Shared:

Karen K's Lazy Cabbage Roll Casserole Redux

Redone to be less acidic and candida-friendly.

Karen K's Malaysian Chicken Rendang

Delicious served with sauteed bokchoy.

Karen K's Crockpot Lemon Garlic Chicken

Pairs well with pasta or a green salad

Karen's Asian-Inspired Stuffed Celery Snack

This recipe can also be made with soy butter so that it is safe for children to take to school. You can adjust the amount of ginger to make it spicier or substitute the cayenne pepper with Asian chili garlic sauce.

Karen's Vegetarian Rainbow Chard Enchiladas

These have been afamily favourite for many years. The chard can easily be replaced with any combination of leafy greens (such as beet greens, bok choy) or mushrooms and peppers. I use red onion, orange peppers and red swiss chard so that the recipe bursts not only flavour but is appealing to the eye.

Karen's Italian Turkey Sausage Brunch Casserole

Brunch is a sacred tradition in our household. This is one of our favourites. You can easily make it ahead the night befor and pop it into the oven in the morning.

Karen's Bacon, Tomato and Cheese Brunch Casserole

This is a family favourite for lazy Sunday morning breakfasts.

Karen's Hot Asiago Crowd-Pleaser Dip

Serve this amazing dip with an assotment of raw vegetables, low-fat crackers or bread cut into cubes.

Karen's Spicy Pico de Gallo

This delicious, piquant sauce goes well with chicken, pork or grilled vegetables and never fails to remind us of family vacations to beautiful Mexico.

Karen's Chocolate Peanut Butter Fibre Cookies

You'll never know that these little cookies pack a surprise - fibre!

Karen's Light Chicken Cordon Bleu

We serve this with rice and a salad. It looks and tastes like a much higher calorie version.

Butterfinger Pie

This delicious Butterfinger pie tastes like an expensive, calorie-laden version of many restaurants and fast food chains' ice cream pies.

Karen K's Very-low Calorie Veggie, Cheese and Bean Casserole

This recipe is extremely flexible. You could easily substitute other vegetables such as eggplant, Portobello mushrooms, golden zucchini to change up the recipe. Very filling and a huge portion!!!!!

Karen's Uber Garlic (Sesame-free) Hummus

I developed an allergy to sesame seed and sesame oil so I altered my old recipe. Still packs a terrific punch of flavour! I try to keep my snacks around 150 calories or less. I serve this hummus with a platter of freshly cut celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato and or radishes.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

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