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Recipes I've Shared:

Tuna Salad with Curried Avocado Dressing

In the picture, I also added another 1/4 of the avocado, chopped, into the salad. I had just finished a hard workout and the extra good fat was welcome! (The extra avocado would add about 7 grams of fat, mostly monounsaturated, and about 73 more calories.)

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Meyer Lemon Cole Slaw

It's important to mix the salt and sugar in with the chopped cabbage early -- they draw moisture from it, which mixes with the creamy dressing using less mayonnaise.

Georgian Green Bean Salad

This is a recipe from the Republic of Georgia. A very refreshing summer salad!

This is adapted from a recipe featured in Saveur magazine, originating in _The Georgian Feast_ by Darra Goldstein (HarperCollins, 1993).

It's worth getting the unrefined sunflower oil if you have an Eastern European grocery store nearby. It gives the salad a lovely aromatic flavor.

Quick Nicoise-Inspired Salad

This is not really a salade Nicoise, as it lacks potatoes, olives, and hard-boiled eggs. But it's quick and satisfying, and healthy.

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Rachel's Morning Oatmeal Base Recipe

This is the base recipe for the oatmeal I eat for breakfast. It makes a very large serving, but it keeps me on track for the whole day, so it's worth it. I add freshly sliced or chopped seasonal fruit as soon as it comes out of the microwave. If I'm off to do something really strenuous I might add honey or maple syrup instead. [Note: nutritional info is for the oatmeal base only, not add-ins like fruit or syrup.]

Don't skip the pinch of salt. It really heightens the flavor of the other ingredients, and the amount of sodium it adds is quite small.

Hearty Cranberry Oatmeal

Don't skip the salt; you need it for flavor. The nutritional information does not include any milk you might pour over the top, so be sure to add that separately to your nutrition tracking.

Egg Nog Oatmeal

So comforting, a good filling breakfast.

Rachel's Filling Greek Salad

This salad is meant to be a main course; it also makes two generous servings as a side salad.

You can reduce the olives or feta in order to lower the sodium content of the salad.

The peppadew peppers are pickled sweet/hot peppers. You could substitute pepperoncinis, but the salad will lack some sweetness.

Try to use the white pepper if you can; it allows you to get away with less salt in the dressing because it increases your perception of saltiness.

Smoky Pineapple Paprika Salmon Rub

This rub is mild and only slightly sweet, despite the pineapple mustard. I've used it on wild Alaska sockeye salmon, which is rich and sweet in itself.

Basil-Balsamic Canteloupe Salad

A refreshing salad for a hot day, this contains 75% of your RDA of Vitamin A. I use white pepper rather than black in this recipe because it has fewer aromatics and enhances the taste of the canteloupe. Also I find I can get away with less salt if I use white pepper.

Sugar-Free Yogurt & Berry Smoothie

A berry smoothie using fresh fruit, plain yogurt, and vanilla protein powder. Great purple color!

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