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Recipes I've Shared:

Vegan Gorgonzola cheese

Quick and easy. Non vegans like it, too. Spreadable. NOT a low salt recipe

Hi-Fiber English Muffins

From the King Arthur Flour web site. These are delicious and will fork split just like the ones you can buy. They're much more nutritious and if you have family or friends around, they won't last. You can freeze them if you manage to save any.

Vegetarian Tom Yum

Easy, quick. Tasty soup.

Passover Sirene po Shopski

I lived in Bulgaria for two years. This is what the Bulgarians would call 'comfort food' as it is simple to put together and is eaten often in the home. If you don't have a proper pot, you can bake it in ramekins or any other small, oven proof bowl.


A wonderful, silly thing to serve. I used 21 because all the jumbo black olives are listed as '1 serving = 7 olives' and I didn't want to do the math. The penguin treats are incredibly easy to make, though it does take some time. It's REALLY fun to do with kids. You do all the cutting first and then everyone assembles together.

Air fryer asparagus

Better than french fries. Finger food! It is SO good.

Crunchy air fryer fish - Cod

Great alone or as part of a fish sandwich. Works with other fish, as well. I used cod for the nutritional info.

Spicy egg drop zoodle soup

Warm and filling. Quick to make, too!

Blue Apron Fresh Fettuccine Pasta with Porcini Mushroom Bolognese

The Blue Apron instructions say to cook the cremini mushrooms in 2T of oil, not accounted for in this recipe. Also, the Blue Apron instructions have you salt and pepper to taste at several points in the recipe. I have omitted that so that you can season to taste at the table, if you wish.

Blue Apron Asparagus and Arugula Pesto Pizza

From my Blue Apron delivery. They suggested adding olive oil to the pesto which would be tasty, but would also add more calories.

Slow Cooker vegan lasagne

Super easy, super tasty. The ingredients list looks long, but it's mostly herbs and spices.

Tuna sushi rolls without rice

The rice adds a lot of empty calories to sushi, unless you use brown rice. I prefer to use this recipe for a nutritious, tasty, and attractive dish.

Creamy suffed squash

My teen son really likes this. Don't tell him it's healthful, please!

Vegan pad thai

Full of flavor, fun and easy to make.

Spicy chili garlic soup (vegan)

Gochujang is Korean chili garlic paste. It gives this soup a kick that is irresistable. My carnivore husband scarfs it up.

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