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Recipes I've Shared:

Overnight Oatmeal Chia Strawberry Parfait

Over night easy grab and go breakfast in 12oz wide mouth jars

3 Bean Veggie Chili

Great vegetarian meal for a break from meat

My Own Tuna Salad

This is just moist enough to hold together. I use it to stuff Tomatoes, lettuce leaves or even a sandwich sometimes.

Vegetable and Sweet Sausage Bolognese

A vegetable filled bolognese sauce for pasta or spaghetti squash. The sauce is 166 calories per 1 cup serving. If you left out the sausage and made it vegetarian it could be 101 calories per serving.

Crock Pot Mexican Chicken

A multi purpose pot of yumminess. I make, tacos, burritos, enchiladas serve over rice or even add chicken broth and make a soup.

Cabbage Goulash

I love goulash but need to cut down my Carbs. So This is my goulash recipe with cabbage added.

Roasted Veggies

A nice mix of beautiful summer vegetables from the farmers market this morning inspired this colorful dish

Crock Pot Beef Eye Roast

This is a great make ahead meal. I can transform it into sandwiches, wraps, BBQ, casseroles, soups or enchiladas. I love to cook once eat 3-4 times

Cheater Salsa

Fabulous as a snack or on fish, tacos and chicken

Broccoli, Snow Peas and Beef

A mixture of vegetables I love to fill my appetite

Spaghetti Squash Italian

Filling flavorful side dish or main meal. I live alone so it is a 3 serving dish.

Spaghetti Squash Italian

Filling flavorful side dish or main meal. I live alone so it is a 3 serving dish.

Make ahead Smoothies

The calarie and portion size is based on 1 baggie prepared ahead of time. The list of ingredients is enough to make 4 baggies 8 servings. Much cheaper than the smoothie shops.

Home Mashed Taters

Flavorful mashed taters without all the calorie

Easy Chicken Enchilada

Left over chicken and you have dinner in no time.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chicken in Pink Sauce for 2

Great use of leftover chicken in a creamy low fat sauce.

Cubed Steak and Mushrooms

Quick, inexpensive, low cal simple recipe. Serve over egg noodles, brown rice or baked potato

My Venison Chili

Venison Is a great low fat meat. The Tomato soup makes a lovely creamy texture for this soup.

Quick Roast Beef Hash

Serve with poached eggs for a breakfast meal or serve with a vegetable and FF cresant rolls for a dinner.

Chicken Stew

Comfort Food. Can be made from scratch but I generally use left overs to make this dish.

Green Beans and New Potatoes

Dad favorite summer soup Low cal and light

Baked Parmesan Chix Strips

My Granddaughters love chix strips. So to avoid fast food places and teach some nutrition I have come up with this. You can change and alter spices to your family. Whe the kids aren't around a lot more hot sauce is great!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Journey to Health
My cooking journey to learn a better way to cook.
Keto Journey