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Recipes I've Shared:

Vegetable Pork Soup

Had left over Pork and thoughts of soup for a cold day.

One Egg Cheese & Bacon omelet

For calculation purposes

Becky's Homemade Tartar Sauce 2 Tbl = 1 Serving

Becky remembered this recipe she made as a waitress many years ago.

Ron's Bread Bowl Chili

Ron makes this recipe when he knows I am coming to visit! It is so good. We will see how I do with it. It is meant to be poured into carved out Kaiser Rolls with the carved out part set on the side to dunk in whatever is left over. It's soooo goood!
The Kaiser rolls have NOT been included in the nutrition. Don't forget to add them to your nutrition.

Rosemary & Olive Oil Slow Cooker Chicken

Saw this recipe on Spark but wanted to calculate for additional servings.

Meaty Pasta Casserole

Got the recipe from Linda P. after a Church Pot Luck. Decided to give it a try. Added it for the Nutrition Info.

Cheesy Tuna Noodle Casserole

I just needed to enter this for the calorie count

Michelle's meatloaf casserole

Very Delicious! Each Serving is 3 ounces Makes 8 servings,

Cucumber Salad #3

Combination of Maplewood Village Recipe Book

Rhubarb Cream Cake

We got this recipe from Thoms1 Grandson Justin Henry

Brandi's Cheesy Potatoes

Just calculating for our info

Becky's Chicken Salad Sandwich

Did for nutrition calculation

Potato Salad our recipe

Just wanted to know how many calores

Susie's Caulifower Potato Salad

Just decided to try something different. Were we shocked and surprised to find out we could have the taste of OUR Potato Salad without the massive amounts of Calories and Carbs!!

Eggplant, Squash Zucchini Casserole

This is a remake of Megreneez recipe. I decided not to use the canned Rotel or the canned diced tomatoes and instead of the Parmesan cheese and Mexican blend cheese I used Feta Cheese. Only because I enjoy the taste of Feta Cheese.

Zucchini, Red Bell Pepper & Onion Fried

Just adding this for my own info.

Wayne's Spaghetti Sauce

This is my brother-in law's recipe. Wayne is the cook in Julie's family. It was written into their vows! He is one AWESOME cook!
The secret to making a good sauce is the "taste and add" step. When satisfied with the flavor, simmer slowly for a minimum of 1 hour. Stirring every 15 minutes to ensure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pot.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Enchilada Loaf Susie's Recipe

Got the original recipe from a hippie chick back in the 70's! I only changed the ground beef to ground turkey. I am baffled by the calorie count though. I have double checked the ingredients and amounts so I guess it must be right. It is high in sodium. I didn't have any low sodium tomato sauce so here's hoping it is correct.

Split Pea Soup w/ham

Did this just to recalculate nutrition info. serving size is 1 cup but that amount really made approx. 12 cups

Becky's slow cooker Lasagna

Tried to revise and make it healthier. Ended up with more calories! UGH!

Drew's Pancake Recipe

This is a recipe my nephew Andy came up with while making a recipe he got from his son-in-law healthier. It tastes delishious!

Bev's Zucchini Bread (Makeover)

Julie had me make this while visiting her. It was very good! The zucchini was chopped into 1/4th in chunks! Yes, I measured! Julie said it tasted like there were nuts added but we figured it must have been the zucchini faking us out. Very Good!

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Soup

Hearty low carb soup that fills you up! Not out!

Veggie Chili

Tried making my Turkey chili without Turkey and was very pleased with the result. This is a perfect Chili for me during Lent.

Lainie's No Knead Bread

This is a recipe my sister gave me from Paloma's mother.

"This recipe calls for rising in a bowl, I found using a sealed plastic container works better for a consistent rise (especially in winter). Get 2 tubs, make 2 loaves in succession-warning!!! Can't stop eating it!"

"You can make additions to the basic dough, just remembering to bake a little longer in the first phase (covered). Iíve tried caraway seeds (1/4 cup), dried soft chopped figs and pecans (excellent toasted with brie), dried cranberries, orange zest and walnuts (with honey butter, who needs sweet rolls?) and a great one is grated cheddar and onion powder."

Turkey Chili

I decided to makeover my Turkey chili recipe to decrease the sodium intake. I used dry beans instead of canned beans and did not add salt. I also have to be aware of more sensitive spice challenged people eating my chili therefore Instead of using 24 oz Medium Thick n Chunky Salsa I use 16 oz Medium and 8 oz Mild.
Per the instruction on the dry beans I soak them overnight. I use the same big pot to soak both black and kidney beans together. In the morning I drain and rinse them and fill the pot with water and cook for about 1-1.5 hours.

Cucumber Salad #2

Changed my basic recipe to give more flavor. Deleting original. This is really tasty

Turkey Meatloaf

Third revision..changed to be lower sodium

Chicken & Rice Casserole

Slightly altered Campbell's Soup Recipe. Left off Cheese.

Overnight Deluxe French Toast

Only entering this for Caloric Content

Egg Beater Breakfast casserole

Am entering this only for Caloric Content

Turkey Spaghetti Sauce with Whole wheat Pasta

Just threw this together to calculate calories

Turkey Bown Rice Ole`

I decided to make a previous recipe a bit healthier. I originally used 1.5 lbs of extra lean ground beef, this time I thought I would try it with 93% lean ground turkey. It definately brought down the Caloric value.

Flat Top Grill Stir Fry (Turkey/Chicken Susie's)

This is what I put together for lunch when we go to the Flat Top Grill.

Brown Rice Ole

Try this if you would like to spice up your day.

Brown Rice Surprise

Trying to clean out the Freezer before payday rolls around? Grab two rings of bologna and some veggies to bring it to life.

Zesty Chicken Skillet

Add a few things that are in your fridge and pantry to get a tasty brown rice dish.