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I wanted a way to try and eat a "raw" vegan snack and have it satisfy my sweets need. Here it is.

Lori's maple pecan butter

so easy to make in your food processor!

Lori's fruit and nut Trail Mix

a good choice for quick energy and hunger quencher

Nutella stuffed french toast

not particularly healthy..............but good :)

Very Good (5 ratings)
low fat sausage crescent roll pizza

These are SOOO Good and you can substitute ingredients to your liking :)
Share YOUR modifications here.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Pancake Mix Biscuits

an unconventional easy way to make biscuits but tasty
1 biscuit per serving

Lori's Sugar Free whole wheat Blueberry Muffins

a great sugar-free blueberry muffin alternative :)

Lori's Moist Low Carb Atkins Isopure Pancakes 2

Fantastic and moist. A yummy breakfast packed with protein.

Lori's Low Carb Atkins Isopure Waffles 2

looking for a more protein-packed but low carb waffle
I came up with this recipe :)

Lori's low carb sauteed creamy mushrooms

good as a side dish or even as a sauce over meatloaf! :)

Lori's low carb mashed cauliflower

this combo is good and yummy while low carb

Lori's Low Carb Meatballs

to make it easier to calculate I have made it one meatball per serving so you can eat as many or as little on your plan.

Lori's Low Carb Chocolate Mocha Shake

finally got around to doing this one. I got brave after watching suzanne sommers doing a similar thing on tv so since I could not chew my lunch today I figured I better make something low-carb healthy yet substantial :)

Lori's Lower Carb Banana Cake

a good alternative to high calorie banana cakes and breads

Lori's low carb brownies #1

chocolately good! :)
I used 1 carb per teaspoon splenda/sucralose/maltodextrin in the calculations [48 tsp=1 cup]

Incredible! (1 rating)
Lori's Low Carb Banana Pecan Bread

my own low carb recipe. I could not accept that I could no longer eat bananas on low carb so........ I came up with this recipe :) The kids are telling me it is yummy!

Lori's Low Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake Cup

I adapted this recipe from sfs minused cream cheese a little bit and added an egg to "up" the protein a bit.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Lori's Low Carb Atkins Isopure Pancakes

after testing out several low carb pancake recipes [my own and others] I finally made one that came out light and fluffy and yummy! :)

Lori's low carb turkey and cream cheese

use full fat cream cheese and thin sliced turkey in this recipe. good as a snack or for lunch on atkins or your low carb plan.

Lori's Apricot Adobo Crockpot Chicken

atkins friendly recipe I made :)

Very Good (2 ratings)
lori's simple low carb creamy cauliflower soup

what to do with leftovers :)

Lori's low carb pumpkin bread

good source of vitamin A!! :) I adapted this recipe myself using the red and white bhg book as a basic guide and changing some ingredients and adding to suit my low carb/Atkins lifestyle. Hope you like it! Feedback is welcomed.

Lori's low carb crockpot chicken soup

I adapted this recipe and left out the heavy cream and cream cheese found in other soup recipes.

Lori's low carb pancakes

in searching for an induction-acceptable recipe I came up with my own.

Lori's low carb quiche

in a search to not have to cook chicken or beef again I came up with this dish; enjoy :)

Lori's low carb crockpot onion chicken

invented this to make dinner in a crockpot on low carb simple!!! :) it is sooo yummy!!

Lori's Low Carb Cream Cheese Omelet

makes breakfast on a low carb diet delicious!

Lori's Mushroom Zucchini Tomato Casserole

really simple to make, yummy to eat! :)

loris recovery shake #2

I made this shake to boost my protein after working out with weights :)

Lori's Oatmeal

a simple bowl of oatmeal my way

lori's cheesy apple quesadillas

a yummy treat for lunch or dinner

lori's cheesy apple quesadillas

a yummy treat for lunch or dinner

Spaghetti with not butter and cheese

your family will love this! :)

almond butter fruit dip

I like to dip in chunks of banana and strawberry like a fondue :)

Very Good (1 rating)
vanilla vegan cake

this dessert goes well with fresh fruit and/or vegan frosting.

Lori's Power Pancakes

1 pancake = 1 serving
makes 12 servings

lori's biggest loser meatballs

you can put whatever seasonings suit you in this recipe but this is what I used. you can also increase the meat to bean ratio if you want to. this pairs well with pasta and marinara sauce :) this recipe makes 24 large meatballs. one serving equals one meatball [for easier calculations if only eating two or maybe eating four you know?]

Incredible! (1 rating)
Lori's Green Protein Smoothie #1

really good as a meal replacement or after workout energy boost!

almond butter dressing

this is my adaptation of tosca reno's nut butter dressing she uses with her chicken explosion recipe on page 381 of her book the eat clean diet recharged. I have changed some of the ingredients to suit my taste. I highly reccommend her book.

healthier brownies

i used a box mix but substituted a cup of wet almond meal from making almond milk and a fresh banana instead of adding oil and water to the mix. The eggs let the brownies still rise and they came out really nicely :)

Incredible! (1 rating)
strawberrry banana almond milk smoothie

It is best to "flash freeze" fresh strawberries and bananas for this recipe in advance and have them on hand in the freezer.

Very Good (3 ratings)
mozarella cheese egg omelet

a typical breakfast or lunch

Lori's Seafood Scampi

This dish can also be made with real shrimp or other seafood or chicken.

Tomato Choka

Usually a "bonnet" (aka jamaican) pepper is used (but i could not find it in the database); I would use olive oil instead of the canola oil she uses.
This is a dish my mother in law makes to serve along side her basic roti; it is delicious!!!!!

Chocolate Haystack Candy

Easy to make - yummy to eat!

Very Good (1 rating)
Salsa Meat Loaf

This recipe is from Fiber One Cereal website and Eat Better America campaign. I am using it to aid in my volumetrics diet .
Serve meat loaf with a little sass. High-fiber cereal and salsa as hot as you like sets this meat loaf apart.
Prep Time:15 min
Start to Finish:1 hr 40 min
Makes:6 servings

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