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GramGrams Spinach Salad

a spinach salad my grandma used to make with a warm bacon vinaigrette dressing

cucumber onion salad

a simple side dish that's good in the summer with fresh cucumbers or anytime

Egg Drop Soup

This is like the great soup you get in chinese restaurants, its classic comfort food and pretty healthy, too.

Low Carb Sakura Sauce

This is a low carb version of the japanese steakhouse favorite white sauce using splenda instead of sugar, feel free to pour on your stir fry low carbers, its only 2.6 net carbs and no added sugar!!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Campbells HEALTHY Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

My mom made this for us the other day but used the original recipe, full fat cheese, sour cream instead of yogurt, and regular cream of chicken soup instead of 98% fat free. I was able to shave about 200 calories off per serving with the healthy changes...So tell me how it is everybody!!

Random Soup

I don't usually have all the fresh vegetables that are called for in homemade soups, but I do usually have light vegetable soups...Campbell's select harvest are good.

Very Good (44 ratings)
South Beach Cottage Cheese Breakfast

I came up with this simple, sweet, breakfast option because I couldn't face eggs every morning for breakfast. The cinnamon and splenda give the cottage cheese a wonderful, sweet flavor, and the chopped almonds give it a satisfying crunch.

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