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Craisin Almond Balls w/ Chocolate Chips

YUM! From Sundae Cooking blog


Crock Pot Chicken Chili (Kraft)

Modified Krafts "Crock Pot Chunky Chicken Chili" recipe (including omitting onion as there was enough onion in my salsa ) to show my specific nutrition info. *Salt is lower than shown, as I pre rinse beans!*

Turkey Taco Rice Bowl

From MARRIEDACHES Healthy Turkey Taco Filling recipe. I've made her recipe multiple times, this time I wanted to make a taco bowl.

Chicken Rice Casserole

Quick and easy, from Freezes well!

I topped off 1 cup of instant rice with 1/4 cup of regular rice and it definately was a bit more crunchy than it would been with all instant rice. Next time!

Only prep time needed is for cooking/dicing the chicken and thawing/chopping the broccoli prior to assembling casserole

Fitnessista's Indian Chickpea Potato Dish

On Fitnessista's blog, Chickpea and Potato Dish

Fitnessista's Egg Salad

Modified from Fitnessista's website:

Ranch Ham Calzone

1st attempt
I would have made 6 servings out of this recipe if I had a rolling pin. I was having trouble rolling out the dough in the 3oz portions so I opted for 4oz portions instead.
Original recipe that I found online had tomatoes also (SUBTRACY08)

Trader Giotto's Chicken Spinach Alfredo Linguine

Saw this Spinach and Chive Linguine at Trader Joe's and had to try it!

Rachel MacMuffins (AKA Edits)

Followed Rachel's recipe and halved the servings.
This is just my ingredients for the nutritional info and I'll update with any changes I made.

Turkey Chili with Corn and Black Beans (v1 AKA Edits)

DMWOOD13's recipe with my ingredients for nutrition info
This was my first time making the recipe and I think I'll try it again without adding the tomato sauce. Initially it didn't look like I had enough liquid but after simmering for 20m I decided to reduce it a bit.

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole (AKA edits)

Followed LYZ219 recipe but updated with my ingredients for updated nutrition info.
For lower carbs, skip breadcrumbs.

Crock Pot Salsa Chicken AKA edits

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken recipe from CHELLESHOCKED on SP.
Few small changes, just wanted my own nutritional info. Higher protein and lower sodium than original.
I used a 3.5qt slow cooker and had plenty of room.

*Recipe reflects 3rd time around. Doubled salsa. :) Lowered the taco seasoning to save on sodium.
*Previously I added the chili's to add flavor and I didn't notice them (I also have a high tolerance to hot food). Will make again and tweak a bit.

Chef Meg's Slow Cooker Provencal Chicken with beans (AKA's edits)

This is Chef Meg's recipe, with a few changes. Also, I wanted to see the nutrition info for 7 servings, Chef Meg's was calculated for 6.
I would like to spice it up or etc next time. Stay tuned for a revision. I served mine with hot sauce over brown rice the first time.

I used a 3.5qt slow cooker. Chef Meg used less chicken. I had 2lbs (32oz.) on hand v.s. 24 oz.

Spinach Quiche Muffins

This is a combo from several Spark recipes. It came out well, but as advised from someone, the spinach does dominate. I added a bit extra cheese this time to try and mellow the spinach. Next time I may try a magic crust version instead or just chop the spinach a bit.

Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Stew (3.5qt)

I halved most of EMOSTEEN's recipe and added more chicken. Next time I will rinse all ingredients and quantify how much water to add in to replace it. I'd also like to make my own taco seasoning following Chef Meg's recipe. I'm sure that will bring down the sodium a ton. My first goal with this recipe was a lot of protein, which I achieved. Stay tuned for a lower sodium option.

First attempt Fitnessista's Bfast Cookie

I keep meaning to try this recipe from Fitnessista's website.

Alicia's Strawberry Shake

Great breakfast, really filling!
I will be trying out protein powders soon, and I'm sure I'll publish another recipe afterward.

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