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Recipes I've Shared:

LM's Veggie Blend Soup

In an effort to always have vegetables on hand, I opted for frozen. Some frozen veggies just aren't as good as fresh so in the freezer this bag stayed until I decided that they needed to be eaten or thrown out. Who wants to throw out food in these economic times?

I was inspired to make this soup with those long-forgotten frozen veggies by a similar soup made by my friend Julie. I've added some spices and used chicken broth (vegetable broth can easily be substituted for vegans and vegetarians) instead of water for more flavour.

Very Good (7 ratings)
Philly Cream Cheese Icing

This is a simple recipe from The Philadelphia "Cooking With Philly" website. It goes fabulously well on top of my carrot cake; LM's Carrot Cake.

Lactantia's Classic Cheesecake

I like my cheesecake rather plain. I certainly can appreciate swirls of chocolate or a pumpkin cheesecake, but if I'm going to make one, I like it to be straightforward with nothing fancy except lemon peel to really bring out the flavour of the cream cheese.
This cheesecake is made with light cream cheese and has 275 calories per slice (cut into 16 servings).

Very Good (2 ratings)
LM's Veggie Pasta Sauce

Very low in sodium and under one gram of fat, this pasta sauce is hearty, tasty and packed with vitamin C and fibre!

LM's Mac n' Cheese

This is one of my own recipes. It's meant to be a side dish - a one cup serving - simply because it's high in calories and with 9.8 grams of fat, well , I don't think you really want to double that number!
Serve with a large and delicious garden salad and a small serving of chicken breast and you have a great meal.


This is an Asian inspired soup that I created years ago. I love to make it for potlucks and parties. Friends come through the door and sniff the air and exclaim with joy, "Oh! You've made THAT soup!"
This recipe makes enough to feed an army, but the recipe is easily split in half. THAT soup is great fresh or a day old. Beyond that the noodles start to get a little squishy, so eat it up quickly!

Turkey Meatball Stew

A delicious "all-in-one-pot" meal that is low in fat and nice to have on those cold days.

A note about the way I cook:
I use what I have on hand. The day I created this recipe, the package of ground turkey just happened to be an odd weight of 566 grams. You can use what you have on hand too, just adjust the calorie count accordingly.

Salmon Goes Southwestern

From Chatelaine Magazine March, 2006.

Red Wine Vinagrette

A wonderful low fat salad dressing from one of my favorite cookbooks, 1,000 Low Fat Recipes by Terry Blonder Golson.

Seasoned Veggies

A mix of vegetables to serve on top of pasta.