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240 Calorie Cheddar Rice

A nice change from plain rice.

240 Calorie Mushroom Rice

Simple, easy and really nothing special or unique, its just brown rice with roasted mushrooms mixed in.

330 Calorie Buffalo Chicken Strips

Lower calorie version of my Buffalo Strips, using less butter and no flour. Still spicy, still yummy, and I make it way too much.

Very Good (5 ratings)
350 Calorie Sweet Pork with Green Peppers

Healthy, sugar controlled Chinese-takeout type food. Mmmmm...very filling and delicious.

170 Calorie Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich

Powdered peanut butter & no sugar added jam on rye bread. A great fast snack!

310 Calorie Sweet Fried Rice

A rice that I cook in my wok. Its sweet, has protein and tastes great with extra veggies in it.

200 Calorie Ham & Mushroom Pizza

Satisfying crispy, snack pizza that you can use in between meals or for a quick lunch. When you need a yummy, fast, healthy meal, think pita pizza and then eat the whole thing.

180 Calorie Complete Oatmeal From Scratch

More filling, less processed ingredients and a packed teaspoon of yummy brown sugar is why I eat this instead of packaged oatmeal packets. And slightly less calories (3).

Fajita Spice Mix

No MSG in this mix. A homemade created from spices fajita mix.

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