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Recipes I've Shared:

Beef Curry (instant pot)

Wonderful tasty and simple recipe

Creamy Tomato and Tortellini Soup (slow cooker)

such a great flavor! and in the crockpot!


wonderful, flavorful soup

Cold cucumber soup with yogurt and dill

A great and different use for all those cucumbers in the garden!

Buffalo Chicken in the Crockpot

wonderful flavorful recipe

Zucchini Brownies with 1 min frosting

Brownies with frosting - so light and fluffy and delicious

Chicken Vindaloo - Instant Pot

A quick, prepable meal in the instant pot!

Spent Grain Tortillas

great option for using up your spent grain

Kheema (Instant Pot)

Great and fun recipe in the instant pot. Cooks on its own while you make the rest of the meal

Sausage and Cheese Frittata - Instant Pot

Adapted from - The instant pot electric pressure cooker cookbook.

Low-Carb Greek Peperoncini Chicken Salad

South Beach friendly. Easy to make with cans of chicken from costco!

Watermelon Serrano Limeade

A refreshing all natural beverage. Watch the serrano and remove at the 1 hour mark to add just a touch of heat. Taste to desired spiciness


The spinach part of saag paneer!

Spicy Thai Red Curry Beef

Adapted from CL, added peas, reduced amount of meat, chop peppers differently. Definitely up the heat, was not very much.

Quinoa Sriracha Bites

Original recipe had breadcrumbs and honey - i like it better without!

Copy Cat Dole Pineapple Whip

Copy cat version of the dole whip from disney!! I adapted it a bit to make it be more like the original, and if you want a little extra - add a tsp of coconut balsamic vinegar before serving!

Crockpot Chicken Tika Masala

crockpot version of a wonderful indian meal!!

Shakshuka - paleo-ish (crockpot)

Found that the feta normally found with the recipe is needed and i'll probably sub a jalapeno for a poblano to kick up the heat, and i fried the eggs since hubby isn't a poached egg sort of gal and i ended up "hard boiling my egg" but it all was super tasty!

Raw Oatmeal

adapted from suja meal plan

Quinoa Salad

adapted from cl - nutty almond-sesame red quinoa (i used white, quinoa, skipped the sesame, added cucumber, skipped the almonds...) added cajun spic to quinoa qhile cooking.

Pumpkinseed, Date and Tahini Bars

addapted from CL, exchanged brown rice syrup for honey and agave, exchanged rice chex for barley, and skipped the quinoa

Cauliflower Pizza crust

adapted from cl. top with what you like!

Spicy Butternut Squash, Lentil and Feta Salad

adapted from Real simple. recipe nutrition is without spinach or tomatoes.

Minced beef with fried egg

Addapted from cl, exchanged brown rice for cauliflower rice, upped the heat, doubled the sauce, and cooked bok choy for much longer, and cut them into 8ths, meat def took longer than 2 minutes!

Asian Marinade

I use this on temphe (pan fry, or oven roasted), on fish, tofu, anything!

Marshmallow Cereal Bar

Took what i had in the cabinet along with home made marshmallows and created this.

Spicy Indian Chicken

adabpted from a fitness magazine fine. Changed out reg rice for black rice, and less of it. Upped the heat, and only used 2 breasts. would marinate longer next time. Need to take better care with how the cook the rice.

Homemade Burger Buns

Found this in a picnic cookbook from 1985! Choose the size you need for you burgers, can make slider size too


adapted from the culinary institute. Upped the veggie count, limited the oil, no mmadeira. Could save calories by skipping a layer of pasta, depends if you are going for the look of lasagna...

Peanut Noodles With Edamame

adapted from real simple - used actual rice noodles, didn't have cabbage, added extra edamame and corn.

Cheesy Moc Mashed Potatoes

addapted this, find from low fat crockpot cb! IT's phenomenal, i upped the heat. Nutrition doesn't include the bacon

Tilapia with Hoisin and Ginger Sauces

addapted from BA, didn't have cod, but have tons of tilapia in the freezer

Green Spinach Lentils

Adapted from indian crockpot cookbook. Halved the recipe, kinda, kept garlic, ginger, tomatoe and spinach at full recipe level!

Quinoa, Garbanzo, and Spinach Salad with Smoked Paprika Dressing

I cut the recipe by a 1/3, brought the quinoa down to 2 cups cooked, and skipped the tomato

Red Bean and Sausage Cake

Original recipe called for breakfast sausage, and a poached egg on top

Zucchini Fritters

Found this on RR, but adapted it with fat free milk, extra garlic, extra zucchini, and dried spices, skipped the sauce, and cooked it on a griddle with pam

Cheeseburger Soup - Crockpot

found in a low carb cookbook, replaced beef with turkey - used 3/4lb vs full, used beef bullion, used rotel, added serrano

Kung Pao Shrimp

adapted from CL, exchange chili garlic for red pepper flakes, add veggies as desired, i added a fresh jalapeno

Tuna Salad (Gerd Fighter)

Found this in the costco mag - adjusted to my tastes, if you cut the olive oil down you save lots of calories, it's not totally needed.

Recently i replaced the garlic with 1-2 tsp garlic salt and 1-2 tsp seasoning salt, and updated recipe to be 2 tbl olive oil vs the 1/4 cup!

Turkish-Style Glazed Apricots and Cranberries

Found in the ww Hit the spot book, before the point change, swapped cherries for cranberries, and left out the pistashios, saved 20-40 calories per serving

Chili-spiced Almonds

I started with a CL recipe, cut the sugar in 1/2, upped the salt and added cayenne. Love it!

Chorizo-Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe

modified from real simple - original recipe called for curred chorizo and machego cheese, no spinach or onion.

Quinoa Cakes

my MIL found this and adapted it to her needs and then shared with me!

White Bean and Hominy Chili

Adapted from CL - used real chorizo sausage instead of veggie, updated the heat, and used all dry spices.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Slow-cooker beer-braised pork and black bean soup

adapted from CL - used the whole can of chili in adobo sauce

Mashed-Zucchini Salad

Ajlouk Qura'a (Mashed-Zucchini Salad) - Amazing way to use up your zucchini that isn't bread or muffins! I removed the caraway seeds and replaced harissa with cayenne and garlic powder - i loved the result

Blueberry Scones

Adapted from CL. Replaced sugar with splenda, removed nuts, and made them mini I might add more milk next time to make them a bit moister.

Black Bean Burgers

Combo of 3 different CL recipes - updated summer of 2011! Changed out the cheese - replaced mozarella with 1/4 cup habanero and 1/4 cup nacho cheese, up-ed corn to 1/2 cup and make 8 patties

Caroline-Style Barbecue Sauce

Found this recipe in a book given to the hubby years ago. Adapted to add more head, less mustard and wow - it's good! Simmer however long you till it is the consistency desired! (this nutritional value is only for the sauce)

My Everyday Dal

my version the CL - duguid's everyday dal

Asian Slaw

Adapted from parade magazine, great flavor, super tasty and low cal

Crock Pot White Bean Chili

I've updated and perfected this recipe over time and with likes from the hubby

Asian Turkey Cabbage Cups

Adapted from CL. Exchanged cabbage for romain, prob would do iceburg next time! Add some heat and make pf change hot sauce next time!

Crab Bisque

Adapted from CL - this is such a great soup! Quick! I use face crab and think it tastes great - so i guess then it would be shrimp bisuque...

Lentil Pancake

Adapted from
Nutrition is per pancake, i made 12, depends on how big you make them!

Magno Crock Pot Sauce

I separated this from the chicken recipe figuring i could determine serving by sauce then add the chicken in. (recipe originally called for 8 thighs and i used 2 breasts) Stolen and adapted from

Squash and Apple Bisque

Adapted from BC cookbook. It needs more umph... maybe extra salt or a hot pepper? The sour cream seemed to change the flavor a bit too much.

Thai Chicken - Crockpot

BC-Thai Chicken crock pot recipe! Adapted for a more thai flavor!

Cilantro Serrano Pesto

Adapted from CL. switched out pecan for pine nuts, cjotija cheese for parm, sherry vinegar for red wine, and left the seeds in the serrano!

Marmeldade Curry Chicken

Addapted from A Year of Slow Cooking website! She rocks! I think the nutritional value would be less with just using 2 breasts and not eating all the sauce... (recipe calls for 4, but i only have 2 people eating!)

Schezuan-style tofu

I addapted this from CL, didn't have any of the veggies suggested, prepared the tofu differently

Instant Chai Tea

I found this on Busy Cooks and modified it a bit for me! I replaced the sugar with stevia or splenda and also cut it down from 2.5 cups to under 2. I add this to brewed black tea - original recipe called for instant unsweetened tea.

Lentil Soup - kitchen sink verison

This was supposed to be a side dish that i found in CL - but i didn't have all of the ingredient, or enough of them... But it turned into a pretty good soup!


Adapted from CL, i used barley cause that was what was in the house!

Ma Po Tofu

Got this out of cooking light originally, I added the eggplant and used turkey sausage vs regular to save some of the evil! I Love this meal!!!!

Left Over Kitchen Sink Burrito

My concoction of all party leftovers!
Make the Burritos - wrap in plastic wrap and freeze! Enjoy for lunch! Does re-heat a bit mooshy. But yummy with salsa over top, eaten with a fork and knife!

Chocolate Fudgesicle Ice Cream

This is a great way to enjoy ice cream without the calories!

Asian Chicken Salad

Add a little umph with a not so bad dressing! Up the heat if you want something more interesting. Add some chopped peanuts for garnish. This was a CL recipe that i modified to fit what was in the house!

Crispy Chicken Slenders

Modified from Fitness Magazine. Tastes great! Little bit of sweetness from honey and corn flakes! Add some heat to the flake or the honey mixture! I needed the whole 3 cups to cover my chicken - i did tenders the first time - i wont do that again! Cut up whole breasts instead!

Ham Puffy

Adapted from CL. Added some heat.
Great for that left over ham after Christmas or Easter! Or chop it up and save it till you are in the mood for ham again! This recipe works well with both fresh or once frozen ham.
Be-ware it is yummy -but you do use most every tool in the kitchen!!

Stir-Fried Shrimp with Garlic and Chile Sauce

Addapted this from cooking light - i doubled the sauce to make it more appealing to the husband!

Beef - Rousselle Style

My friend re-created this at home after eating it at one of their favorite restaurants. So simple, yet so yummy. Adjust head by length of marinade and number of peppers. His recipe calls for Thai Chilies - my grocery store never has them!

Chicken Pesto Spirals

another adaptation of a cooking light recipe!
Don't worry - you can't taste the pumpkin seeds!!

Cilantro Pesto

This was a cooking light recipe - but i keep changing it. This time i substituted pumpkin seeds for pine nuts simply because that was what was in my pantry!

Grilled Teriyaki Tofu

Found in the george forman cookbook

Curried Shrimp in Peanut Sauce

Use my peanut sauce recipe. Makes more than is needed for 1 pound of shrimp, hence the 2 recipes

Turkey Vatapa

This was originally from cooking light - I changed peanuts to peanut butter, and lowered the spice to accommodate dried vs fresh. And I added a can of diced chili peppers. Great for left over turkey! It has a great kick, so you need to like hot food! Enjoy!

Expresso Crinkles

These are amazing!!! I love the flavor, the crisp yet gooey, and oh so yummy!!!

Cherry Cobbler

Love that you can use your crockpot to make desert! Love how easy it is!

Sizzling Shrimp with Corn Relish

found this in cooking light, i limited the oil, changed out shallots for green onions, and used less shrimp to get more sauce!

Pizza Twist

our pampered chef lady turned us onto this magical way to eat!

Chili-Glazed Tofu

From cooking light. I've doubled the heat, change to meet your desires. Has enough sauce to pour a little on the rice!

Egg Salad (Little healthier)

I made this when i boiled some eggs and they didn't peel so attractively! The fat free mayo gives it a nice sweet flavor and the garlic gives it a nice tangy kick!

Wilker Fried Rice

Love to use this for left over rice! Can up the veggie content at will!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chili Chicken Grill

Wonderful flavor. Great as chicken or as a sandwhich

Strawberry Banana Gelato

Stole the basic recipe from the best known light cooking mag.. But added the banana when i saw it browning on the counter! It is so yummy! I love it! I also use powdered buttermilk so i can make it any time i have the fruit around!

Vegetable and Chickpea Curry - Crockpot

Found this in the fitness magazine. Left out the carrots, used chicken vs veg broth.

Eggplant and Tomato Gratin

Found this in cooking light and adapted it to what i had in the house!

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