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Recipes I've Shared:

Creamy Feta/Basil Dressing

Tons of garlic, fresh basil and oregano combined with lots of EVOO make a luscious salad dressing. Could also be used on any kind of protein as a sauce.

Crustless Coconut Cream Pie

An easy low carb version that features lots of healthy fat from the coconut milk.

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

A tasty, quick, low carb dip.

Lowest Carb Jambalaya

Carb count is liberal, so it's probably even a bit less. Don't forget to add the bacon in! (Separate)

Low Carb Creamy Ganache

Made with sour cream, butter, cream cheese & cocoa, this ganache is delicious and easy.

Salmon, Sour Cream & Broccoli Quiche

I had some leftover salmon salad, and thought it would make a good base for quiche. It did. Enjoy!

Flaxmeal German Chocolate Cake

OK, I am obsessed with flax cakes made in the microwave, and I had a craving for german chocolate cake, so here it is! It's going to be hard to eat just one serving of this, but hey, it's a treat not a meal. :-)

Ginger Miso Salad Dressing

I wanted to mimic the rich taste and strong umami flavor of an Asian salad dressing, without all the sugar and fat and calories. I think this hits the bullseye - it tastes extremely rich but at just 71 calories per ounce, is a fraction of the caloric damage of typical restaurant dressings. The health values are phenomenal - probiotics from the yogurt, living miso, fresh raw garlic & ginger, dry mustard - so use this to counteract any gastrointestinal issues you are having - it will work wonders! Enjoy and please comment if you make this.

Swiss & Brie Fondue

A glutenfree version (no flour) for those of us who cannot enjoy traditional fondue. Enjoy and please comment if you make this!

Fresh Tomato/Vegetable Sauce

Yummy vegan sauce that packs some nutrition in along with the flavor. Enjoy!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Italian Sausage & Peppers Lasagna with Zucchini

This is a super-delicious lower carb lasagna, made with zucchini that is first oven roasted with parmesan & seasonings to give it more texture and flavor, then loaded up with a flavorful meat sauce, some healthy greens, and a variety of cheeses. YUM!

Fresh Spinach & Swiss Chard Quiche

A delicious way to get nutrient-dense swiss chard and spinach into your breakfast or brunch! This quiche packs a nutritional wallop for its modest 200 calories and 3 carbs. Enjoy and please comment if you make it!

Spicy Italian Salmon Salad on Romaine Leaves

I have been trying to eat a very high fat diet lately due to research I have read about this WOE, and so I am now trying to get 70% of my daily calories from fat. This recipe really helps in that department! Obviously not for anyone doing low fat, so please spare me the comments. :-)

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Layered Ricotta Parfait with Blueberries, Almonds & Lemon Zest

A low carb, high protein dessert with very little blood sugar impact. Enjoy!

Wild Mushroom Soup

This is made from dried wild mushrooms and mushroom broth, and has an amazing amount of mushroom flavor, surprisingly! Great to make when you can't get to the store as it requires almost no fresh produce. Enjoy!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Blue Cheese Dressing - Yogurt/Mayo Blend

Full fat mayo, nonfat yogurt - tastes delicious, low in carbs and reasonable in calories. What more could you want from a salad dressing? :-) Please comment if you make this and enjoy!

Canned Salmon Salad (for Sandwiches)

This is a very low carb, easy, tasty sandwich stuffer. NOT low fat, so please don't comment about that - we low carbers do not avoid fat, we embrace it! :-) Try it on my recipe (listed on spark) for flax sandwich rolls with lettuce, tomato, and a slice of onion. Enjoy and please comment if you make it!

Salmon & Tuna Salad

I don't like to use too much canned tuna because of the mercury issue, so here's a quick and easy recipe using mostly salmon with just one can of tuna - you'll never taste the difference! Enjoy and please comment if you make this. Check out my other low carb recipes, too!

Non Dairy SF Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

I am a coffee fiend in the morning - it's gotta be organic fair trade french roast, carefully brewed in my Melitta one cup filter! But since I am now trying to avoid cow's milk & soy, and have long sworn off corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, my beloved SF hazelnut creamer is a thing of the past. Sigh. I have started trying to recreate it with ingredients I can eat, and this is my first attempt. Please do comment if you make this - I will be very interested in your feedback!

Spicy Sloppy Joes

This is a spicy version of a childhood favorite. I actually use an ancho chili, but the ingredients list a green chili - that was the only chili already found on Spark. Feel free to vary the spice blend to reflect your own taste. It would be delicious with southwestern seasonings too - cumin and oregano along with the garlic & chilis. Enjoy and please comment if you make!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Spinach Quiche

This is adapted from a recipe by Linda Sue ( and is absolutely delicious. Put away all the extra pieces so you don't gobble them down all at once! Enjoy and if you make, please comment.

Lemon Poppy Seed Flax Muffin

Another variation on the awesome minute microwave flax muffins! This won't taste exactly like those crazy unhealthy versions you get in the corner bakery, but it has a nice crunch and a light, fluffy texture. Enjoy, and please comment if you make this recipe!

Very Good (1 rating)
Tuna "Crab" Cakes - Low Carb, Gluten Free

This is Linda Sue's Tuna Patty recipe (
.html) with my suggested changes and modifications. She has a fabulous website full of delicious, easy low carb recipes and tips.

Ragin' Cajun Salmon & Veggie Muffins - Low Carb, Glutenfree

When I am on the road, eating well is always a challenge. I wanted something I could take and eat in the car with minimal fuss and maximum nutrition - it's hard to eat salad while driving! I played around with Linda Sue's tuna casserole recipe (totally yummy!) and came up with a veggie & protein-stuffed delicious meal in a muffin. I hope you enjoy it, and if you make it please comment/rate the recipe. Your feedback is very helpful since I am a caterer by trade and I am "testing" new recipes via Spark!

One Minute Low Carb Mexican Molten Chocolate Cake

The molten chocolate cake variation on the 1-minute muffin recipe was created by Linda Sue, and the Mexican variation was created by me, because I adore Mexican hot chocolate and thought that would be great flavor. I have played around with this and I think it's really, really good. I have no idea why the one rater gave it such a mediocre review, because I really think this is amazingly good for such a quick and healthy recipe. Maybe they didn't realize it was not going to be exactly the same as something made with white flour? Make this instead of having an Atkins bar or going on a chocolate binge, I promise it will sate your deep dark cravings! Careful, it's addictive so you may want to split it with someone you love! Enjoy and please do comment/rate if you make it, I love feedback. Also, check out some of my other low carb/glutenfree recipes! I thought this might make a good birthday "cake" for a low carber - if plated prettily and topped with the optional ganache, a squirt of whipped cream and some shaved LC chocolate, it would be really celebratory and won't send you into a blood sugar coma.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Low Carb Gluten Free Hot Flax Cereal

This is very yummy and satisfying and is a large portion that should keep you going for hours and hours! If you make this recipe, please rate it & comment! I really love feedback. The carb count is actually quite a bit higher than it should be as Spark does not figure out net carbs for you. Besides deducting fiber, you can deduct 3 grams of carbs for the truvia packet. Erithritol has no impact on blood sugar.

Tuna Florentine Burgers - Low Carb, Glutenfree

I played around with Linda Sue's Tuna Patty recipe (
ties.html) and really thought spinach would work in a tuna burger. It does! Enhanced nutrition for almost no additional carbs or calories, and it improves the visual appearance too. Bet your kids won't mind eating their veggies like this! If you make this recipe, please do leave a comment, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by!

Truly Low Carb French Toast! Glutenfree, No Soy

It's hard to find a way to make french toast when you are low carbing AND glutenfree. I think this recipe is pretty dang good, and I thought these babies tasted remarkably similar to the french toast I used to make with whole wheat sandwich bread. Enjoy and please comment if you make it!

Microwave Flax Sandwich Roll - Low Carb, Gluten Free

This incredibly easy recipe (not mine, it's from a low carb board but I have slightly tweaked it) makes a roll that is easy to slice, toast, and use for sandwiches, burgers, grilled cheese, etc. It's not really suitable for eating on its own; if you want something that is delicious without anything else, try my Herbed Parmesan variation!

Microwave Raspberry Cheese Danish Muffin - Low Carb, Glutenfree

yet another variety of the microwave flax muffins. I am so obsessed with these! It will taste a lot more authentic if you put in some actual raspberries, but that will make it unsuitable for induction so your choice! Comment if you make it and enjoy.

Creamy Jicama & Celeriac Soup - Low Carb, Gluten Free, Dairy & Soy Free

This is a modification of Tal Ronnen's celery root soup, made over for low carbers. It's not vegan in this version because I use chicken fat and stock to replace the cashews, but you could make it vegetarian by switching out the chicken for cream &/or butter. The taste is sort of reminiscent of a good stuffing, and that is why I think it would be great as a first course for Thanksgiving, or any winter occasion.

Fluffernutter Minute Microwave Muffin - Low Carb & Gluten Free!

I keep working on variations of the 1-minute microwave muffin. I seem to be obsessed! This one is really good, and pretty much tastes like fluffernutter. With only 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, though, it's far fewer carbs and calories than a real fluffernutter! Enjoy and please comment if you try it.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Low Carb "Multigrain" Pancakes

Very low carb blend of "flours" make pancakes something low carbers can eat and enjoy again.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Microwave Herbed Parmesan Flax Bread

This is not my original recipe - although I have made it my own with the addition of parmesan & seasoning. It's floating around on various low carb boards, and is ABSOLUTELY delicious, fast, and healthy. Toasts well, makes great sandwiches. It's fluffy and really wholegrain tasting. You will never believe there is NO grain in it!

Very Good (140 ratings)
Blueberry Flax Microwave Muffin

Made in a coffee cup or shallow bowl, these babies are delicious, nutritious, and so fast you will be amazed. Enjoy!

Curried Swiss Chard Scramble

This is a delicious and healthy way to eat your greens first thing in the morning. It's light (almost no added fat) but filling, and curry spices are very good for your gastric tract. Please let me know what you think if you make it!

Curried Chicken & Collards

This is a cross between an Indian curried chicken (what it started out as) and a down home southern stewed collards with pot liquor and big old chunks of chicken. I liked it, and it smells really good from all the spices. If you are always looking for new ways to get greens into your diet, here's a new way! Enjoy and let me know what you think. WARNING: I like things pretty spicy, so you may want to start small with some of the spicier ingredients and work your way up.

Asiago and Pepper-Crusted Salmon Cakes

A very low carb and gluten free gourmet salmon cake recipe. A bit different than anything you have tried, most likely! If you make it, please give me feedback. I plan on using this recipe in my catering business and it is always helpful to have feedback. Enjoy!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Atkins Induction-Friendly Favorites
A collection of tried and true low carb faves and some recipes I created or tweaked, plus a few from other Sparks folks that sound good. All should be very "legal" on Atkins induction with the caveat that some need minor substitutions to be truly low carb, but it's only ever one obvious ingredient.
Low carb, dairy free, leto