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broccoli salad

a serving is about 1 cup. This recipe can m\be made with bacon bits (from cooked strips) for added punch but the nutrition is calcuated for meatless.

Summer tomatoes and cucumber salad

just whipped this together to get my veggies in...

Pancake Puff

I know it's not low on fat, but it's made almost every weekend in my house, so I wanted to know what I was actually eating. My plate will now hold a half serving with much less maple syrup and will be topped with fresh berries or bananas

Avocado Pudding

So good that my kids lick the bowl!

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Dubbledogs on the Go
It's got to be quick and easy and something that the kids would like. Some of these haven't been tested in my house, yet, but once they are, I will add comments to them about the ease and likability