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TVP breakfast cereal. VERY close to oatmeal, which I absolutely love but watching carb intake. Ingredients can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

Low Carb Flax Seed Muffins

Muffins great for snack or side item. Very high in fiber. I have also subbed the vanilla flavor for lemon and it gives these muffins a "lemon poppyseed" taste.

Meatless burger

TVP is the highlight of this tasty protein alternative.

Simplest Muffins

Basic Muffins Recipe

Bread Rounds-Low Carb

Great bread alternative. Good for sandwiches, with soup or just alone hot with butter. I've subbed the almond flour with Carbquik and omitted the salt and baking powder. If you use Carbalose, still include the leavening agents.) You could also try soy flour, but do so at your own taste risk. Of course nutritional values change when using alternative ingredients.

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