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Turkey Bolognese

Serving suggestions- I had some greek yoghurt on the side of mine and some parmeasan cheese on top.

A courgette is also known as a zuchinni.

I thought this meal was quite nice!

Strawberry Yoghurt Brulees

Please read all instructions before preparing

These are sooo good! It can be tricky getting the sugar right though, I burnt it the first time and it got stuck to the pot. If this happens to you just rinse it out. The second time I made the sugar topping it was perfect, the third time was good too even though I used whole sugar instead of caster sugar, and the last time I made it? Well? disaster!

''Cooking time'' varies from 2-6 minutes.

Recipe is from BBC Books GoodFood Magazine ''101 Low-Fat Feasts- Tried and Tested Recipes.'' I do not know if it is available outside the UK but it has lots of excellent recipes.

Baked Buttery Squash

I would suggest substituting the creme fraishe for greek yoghurt if you don't have any, the white bread for whatever bread you have and the mozerella cheese for regular cheese. I also liked adding various seeds on top among other things. It all comes down to personal preference really.

I didn't care much for this dish, but my mum liked it. Its a good side dish or something to make if you aren't that hungry. One serve wasn't enough to fill me, but everyone is different.

-Recipe extracted from GoodFood magazine/BBC Books ''101 Low-Fat Feasts- Tried and Tested Recipes''
--I am not sure if I am allowed to submit a recipe out of a book, but sparkfriends have been requested the recipes I have talked about making so I decided to play nice and share :)

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