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Ham & Bean Soup

Hearty, filling, flavorful, high in fiber & low in calories. Could you ask for anything more? While this recipe only requires about 2 hours, mostly cooking time, we usually start it early in the morning & let it simmer all day on very low heat, stirring it every time anyone walks by the kitchen. At lunch time, the beans and carrots are still fairly firm, but by dinner time, then have broken down into a porridge with a nice, creamy texture. It is a little high in sodium, because of the ham, but the high potassium and 44% of your daily fiber help to balance that out.

Mom's Miracle salad dressing

A delicious, creamy salad dressing with half the calories of most regular commercial dressings and no funky taste like you find in a lot of the 'lite' versions.

Very Good (5 ratings)
Rock your sox lentil soup

Delicious vegan soup will please your palate, fill your tummy, and warm your soul for less than 200 calories. Serve with your favorite wholegrain bread to make a complete protein.

Tuna casserol

A family favorite. High in fat the way my mom makes it, but a worthwhile indulgence with lots of vitamins and minerals. You can trim the fat by using reduced-fat soup, tuna in water, and skim milk.

Scalloped Tomatoes

Great home cooking for the microwave, this delicious side dish goes together quickly and cooks even faster. Good source of potassium and vitamins A and C. Also another one of my "you can't really screw this up" recipes.

Easy one-dish baked corn casserole

Another impossible to screw up recipe.
If you want it like a creamy pudding, bake it less. If you want a chewy consistency that you can cut into squares, bake it longer. Clean-up is super easy because it's mixed and baked in one bowl.

Also for a creamier texture, substitute 1 can creamed-style corn.

Apple cake with cream cheese icing

My dad's favorite. We always have it for his birthday.

Don't peel the apples. Just core and chop.

This super-easy recipe is great for kids because it is hard to screw up. On different occasions I have used up to 50% more apples than it calls for and left it in the oven 15-20 minutes too long and it comes out fine. Just supervise kids when chopping apples.

Meatloaf stuffed peppers

Hearty, tasty dish, great for cold autumn nights. The peppers make it a super source of vitamins A and C. Leftovers make a great lunch, too. This is my dad's annual birthday dinner along with the apple cake I added for dessert. Quantities are estimated. You may have to adjust to your liking.

Horsey guac on Wheat Thins

Whether you're having several small meals a day or just have room in your diet for a hearty snack, this quick and easy treat is sure to satisfy. The bite of horseradish and sharp cheddar is a nice counterpoint to the fresh, creamy goodness of homemade guacamole.

While it may be high in fat, less than half of it is saturated, and the wallop it packs in potassium balances the high sodium. With more than half your daily Vitamin C, 10% to nearly a quarter of nine other vitamins and minerals, and less than 400 calories, it hits all the right buttons for a happy mouth, a satisfied tummy, and a healthy lifestyle.

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