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Coffee Marinated pork tenderloin

This recipe is only 163 cal, 2.5 fats, not what the recipes states I think it takes all the marinate in to account and you dont eat that. So its just the meat you need to account for calorie wise. This is a weight watchers recipe.

Bear creek darn good chili w/ tomato paste and lean ground beef 1 cup per serving

this is so good and very low in fat for dinner
Use a 7 Qt crock pot or 1/2 this and use a 4Qt or larger

Newton spaghetti w/ meat sauce

this is for 1 cup of sauce, but with out the noodles included in the recipe

porkupine meatballs

I will update the recipe amount of servings after I make them tonight. they vary in size of each meatball how many servings it makes.

almond poppy seed bread- glaze

this is the glaze that goes on top of the bread recipe

Ultimate Corn Bread

The best cornbread I have ever had. You don't need to but butter or honey on it its that good!


you only use one seasoning package so that effects the cal and sodium but didn't know how to do that in the recipe.

fast family fajitas- w/out tortillas

This is with out the calories of a tortilla as people have different ones they like, that all have different values.

hamburger helper stroganoff

three boxes stroganoff and two pounds burger

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