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Recipes I've Shared:

my no salt added plain oatmeal W/ cinnamon

plain and easy breakfast for me and dh

baked sweet potato balls

I lost the recipe for this due to my extended illness. It was a recipe my mother-in-law often made for holidays. Hers was taken from the Charleston Daily News or the Charleston Gazette in W.V. I tried to make this as close to her version as memory allowed in a smaller amount

Blaine's no onion meatloaf choice

This meatloaf is a result of sending my dh to the store for ground beef and my son's dislike of onion. With different taste and different people it works to feed everyone

roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese and eggs

I serve this with my baked rosemary chicken (for me it is a dinner dish as I work nights, for my husband it is breakfast).

homemade beef stew

This stew is a combination of ingredients on hand. We found it tasty and enjoyed it for dinner. for me I was able to enjoy the carrots, which hurt me raw. The stew was cooked in a crock pot until meat was tender

uncooked applesauce

I use this in the place of whole apples due to dietary problems. The apples and juice offer their own sweetness; however if more is needed I add 1-2 tbsp. honey or 100% maple syrup

tolerable taste with juice super greens

This drink gives the person with limits on food a way to get nutrient that they can't get by eating many foods due to gastro intestinal issues. Without the juice I found it intolerable.. But with it not so bad and much better well chilled

melvin hates carrots

Thought this would be a delight with all the healthy ingredients but found it was not as tasty and I would like and husband hated it. To me it was not that bad... just not great

kidney bean and chicken salad

This salad came about when the fixing for the nights meal mysterious exited the fridge. The cupboard and the fridge yielded a tasty mix that served as a main dish salad.

homemade chicken stock

Due to diet restrictions I must often make things from scratch. This is what I use in the place of commercial chicken broth. I do not use added salt. The serving size is estimated after evaporation during cooking.

yucca with pork

I had left over yucca and came up with this as a way of using it. The ingredients were determined by what was on hand. I do not use salt nor pepper for health reasons so it may be too bland for some. The pork was pulled from leftover boiled neck-bones and the yucca was left over from the night before

juiced juice

Used a Jack La lane juicer all foods were fresh

tree and garden juice

This is a pure juice blend incorporating fruit, vegetables and herbs. It is my way of obtaining vegetables in my diet

Janes Eggplant dish

Eggplant are things I buy and let sit until they go bad quite often. I have a problem deciding how to fix them in a low cal way quite often. This dish is the result of that search for me. It is easy and fairly quick.

Jane's Steamed Beets and carrots

I use all fresh ingredients for this recipe. I found the results to be very flavorful. You will need a steamer basket along with a good pot that has a tight lid. The cooking time varies so more water may be necessary to reach the desired texture

Spiced Butternut and Pumpkin Soup

This is a good way to use fresh pumpkin other than in a pie. The soup is spicy and rich tasting. It is fairly easy to make except for the peeling and not letting it curdle
once the yogurt is added

Jane's Sweet Pea Salad

This is not a real fancy salad but fast and tasty although not traditional

Jane's Kidney Bean Salad

While adding vegetable variety to this salad I have changed some traditional ingredients to my own taste and needs. Although a bit optimistic at first I found it was pretty good

Jane's My Fridge Salad

The ingredients listed are always in my fridge (thus the name) I can not eat most leaf vegetables without risk so I seldomly use them. I only use vinegar which may leave something missing for some folks but options are plentiful so all I can say is it is up to your taste

Down Home Souther Style Brown Rice with Tomatoes

I grew up on white rice with my favorite dish being the Georgia style rice and tomatoes. This is the way I have adapted it to diet requirement (with the exception of using canned stewed tomatoes instead of fresh seeded and peeled stewed.

Couscous on the American Farm

This recipe gives flavor and variety to couscous while adding healthy ingredients. I do not add salt to any food however in this instance I have used commercially prepared chicken broth containing it

spicy wheat couscous chicken and veggie salad

this is spicy but not over hot. I use it as a main dish however I am certain it could be used as a side as well .
I use all raw fresh vegetables.

quick spicy hummus

This is a fast spicy hummus. I use it when I run out of the commercially prepared or do not feel up to cooking dry garbanzo beans. To me it is quite tasty

black eyed pea patties

This is a good way to use up black eye peas after the southern tradition of having them on New Years for luck.
I used canned but the recipe can easily be used for cooked dry beans or fresh picked as well. My inspiration for this recipe was from a similar one published in the Publix market weekly ad circular...However, the ingredients differ as does the cooking method.

buttery spicy zucchinni

Basically I came across this combination while looking for something to add to my asparagus bisque. It cooks easily and is delicious, I think, either by itself or added to the soup. I had added too much curry powder to my soup the first time I had made it. I was surprised when I came up with this remedy as the two went very well together.

Blucran muffin

My 90 yr old loves blueberry muffins and even though his mental capability has left him, still enjoys them. I started making these by box but decided to cut out the oil and add a few cranberries and some walnuts that I had left from my cranberry bread. This was very tasty. My husband ate three the first time he tried them.

Asparagus Bisque

This is a tasty soup that can be served hot or chilled. There is no added fat and the sodium is reduced

My moist chicken pattys

I had begun to make chicken burgers when I thought of experimenting with different ingredients as the chicken burgers were always a little dry. As Always I do not use added salt nor pepper so some might wish to spice things up a bit

Hearty Vegetable beef barley soup

This soup takes a bit of time to make but is well worth it on a cold winters evening. I do not use salt and pepper in cooking normally and in this instance the broth adds it for me

My Summer vegetables

In this recipe I attempted to give some variety to the squash and still keep my eye on healthy foods and my own dietary needs. I also omit salt and pepper due to my own diet restrictions

My vegetable medley

this is a rather plain version of squash for some...for others like myself it is a necessity. For those who find it too plain I hope it will give ideas for them to investigate

Busy day pulled pork and vegetable crock pot meal

I use curly's sauceless pork to create fast meals often. It is a fast handy way to add meat and be sure of tenderness. The potato Inspirations are delicious alternatives to regular potatoes. I combined these two with other vegetables and slow cooked them in the crock pot on a day that did not have enough minutes. The result was very least my family thinks so

Pinto bean burgers

This is another recipe I have formed in an effort to maintain dietary needs and health needs. My family and I found them tasty. The family added toppings of cheese, etc. I ate mine as they were and still enjoyed them. I used dry beans. This increased cooking time but decreased sodium found in canned

garbanza-sweetpotato burgers

a good alternative to meat in a meal and great served with a cucymber salad

Incredible! (1 rating)
extra lean beef patty with mushrooom and onion

This is an extra lean low salt burger patty with added veggies that I use as a main dish due to diet restrictions. Taste may easily be altered with different seasoning

Green vegetable & fruit blend

This is my way of getting a bit of vegetables and fruit, it may not work for everyone. I have some problems with scar tissue that endangers me when I eat so this is a solution

Surprise Detour Pork Ribs

My Cookout got rained out as I was about to roll the grill out.
My solution was to improvise instead of forget it...I already had the ribs ready to go. I seared then slow cooked these till tender. As a last thought I poured in a can of pepsi to take the place of the BBQ sauce. I simmered the ribs stirring occassionally. The result was tender and tasty with less fuss and cleanup than the cookout..

Simple Fare

This dish was an accident. I put the things I had together and kept them low cal/low fat. I serve with honey and/0r strained greek yogurt. (optional) It can be cooked in a heavy skillet with a tight fitting lid, microwaved with a covered corning ware casserole dish or baked in the oven covered. The resulting product is actually more of a poached than baked dish though.

Dressed Chicken Breast

This is a family favorite. I came up with it one day while attempting to make a dish everyone would like with the ingredients on hand. Now the family requests it.. It is cooked on top of the stove in a heavy skillet with a tight fitting lid.

Incredible! (1 rating)
lean meat chili

This is a not too hot chili as it only uses 1/3 the ration of seasoning to servings. There are many variations but this is the one I make when pressed for time.

Okra fried in sunflower oil

This is a traditional Southern dish altered a little to make it more healthy. I have replaced the traditional salt and pepper with other seasoning and use the sunflower in place of shortening or lard.

beef/vegetable stew

This is a simple no frills stew that is simple to make. I use no salt and therefore it may be too plain for some taste but it is hearty and basic
for everyday use

Very Good (7 ratings)
Herbed Tilapia

A great economical Fish main dish that is easy
and fast. I find this is a good change from the

Very Good (195 ratings)
Simple Salmon Patties

Need a fast, easy dinner? Make these simple salmon patties. Pair them with rice topped with black beans or cheese grits and spinach.

Cheese Polenta

This is an economical dish that can be used for both breakfast and other meals. It is similar to cornmeal mush or grits and may be chilled and cut into slices to fry in butter.

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