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Roo's Keto Chocolate Pudding 1/2 cup

Hits the sweet tooth for those low carbing or Keto Dieting

Roo's Low Fat Low Carb Taco Filling

Great on Salad, or in low carb wraps

Roo's Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Really good served with celery sticks and low carb blue cheese dressing!

Roo's Homemade Italian Dressing 2 TBL serving size

Easy, Easy, Easy -- hardest part is measuring items out

Roo's 4 loaves renal no salt Yeast Bread

If you can have salt--you may add up to 2 tsp.

Roo's Paleo Kansas City Barbecue Sauce 1 TBLS serving Size

Total recipe makes 1-1/2 cups sauce. Can be frozen. Keeps up to one week in fridge.

Roo's Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte

Coffee has to be warm to hot. If you are wanting Iced, mix first, then refrigerate.

Roo's Rhubarb Cheesecake

So very worth the work--we also spoon strawberry glaze on top when serving--not included

Roo's Cauliflower Rutabaga Mash low sodium

realearning cooking for kidney helth

Roo's Cowboy BBQ Beans

Quick n Easy BBQ Side Dish--hold warn in crockpot

Roo's Black Bean Hominy Vegetarian Chili

yum, you'll never miss the meat--trust me! Makes 9 - one (1) cup servings

Roo's Sausage Chili serving = 1 cup

Quick, Easy, Tasty Crockpot recipe

Roo's Hamburgers from 5 lbs tube

Buy in bulk, form and freeze,cook later--or take raw patties, add parm cheese and egg to make meatballs

Roo's Salami Dill Rolls -- Nut info is per roll

A party appetizer classic! Low Carb Lover's Delight!

Roo's Mock Cheese Danish in Microwave

Doesn't look good, but sure hits the spot for a sweet sumptin in the evening

Roo's Crockpot Low Fat Cincinnati Chili--1 cup per serving

Looking to celebrate Red's going to playoff this year, I read through some wonderful SparkPeople recipes, and came up with a crockpot version that uses very lean beef or white meat turkey

Roo's Easy Eggless Pumpkin Pie

I have a son who loves pie, and has an egg allergy. I put together this easy to throw together, egg-free, pumpkin pie that is sure to please!

Roo's Beef Liver Dinner

Great served on top of spaghetti or rice (I puree everything except the liver to hide the veggies from the kids.)

Roo's Detox Spiced Punch

Good for flushing water weight gain and I love the sour taste. I suppose you could add some sweetener to it, but for me this is also used to come off carbs.

Roo's Skinny Protein Soy Latte

Mix flavor of any ingredient for a new one of a kind flavor

Roo's Protein Skinny Latte

Flavors can be changed, choose choc soy milk w/ choc powder and sryup, or vanilla w/ Hazelnut sryup--endless possibilities.

Sugar Free Pudding Egg Nog

I have a son with egg white allergies, and a hubby who's been craving this holiday treat. This recipe is one I've doctored from a few here,

Cincinnati Crock Pot Chili (Venison)

1 Serving = 3/4 cup; recipe can be halved easily

Jello Delight

Jello with fruit, and cottage cheese

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