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cabbage salad

Cabbage, carrot, rene's coleslaw dressing

Hachi de saucisse italienne

Broil the saussages in advance, slice them and reserve

Vegetable Soupe

Home made tout-ce-qui vegetable soup

Poudding Chomeur

Dessert for the empty wallet

Beef calcutta

Indian dish... spices are missing.. just needed the brake down of calories.

Chili home made

Just spice it up like you like

Cranberry orange tofu muffins

I add a few drop of almond extract and grand marinier.

Homemade oven fries

Slice mix all and put on pan with pam

Chicken with Asparagus & broccoli

Brown chicken, add onion, add soup and milk add veggies boil covered 15 minutes

Tofu muffins chocolate

This is a good way to get your proteins in the morning.

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