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Recipes I've Shared:

Sunny Cranberry Orange Relish

Traditional cranberry orange relish with sunflower seeds and less sugar.

Honey Cashew Chicken

Chicken with a bite!

Mahi-Shrimp-Bacon Soup

Flavorful, low calorie, low sodium fish-based soup.

Spicy Green Tomato Relish

Tangy, low calorie, low salt, and spicy with jalapeno peppers. Good with hot dogs and smoked meats. We even mixed a half cup with several tablespoons of Bisquick and Egg Beaters, formed a patty, and fried the result. Great on a Thomas light muffin.

Incredible! (1 rating)
LAD Walnut Sunflower Pesto

Use a mixture of walnuts and unsalted sunflower seeds to replace the pine nuts found in a typical pesto recipe. The ingredient proportions differ each time we make it. This version was recorded to provide an approximation of calories and nutrition per tablespoon. Use this recipe as a jumping off point for your experimentation and creativity. As long as you don't increase the proportion of olive oil, the calorie per serving will drop with added amounts of other ingredients.