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Recipes I've Shared:

Vegetarian Kishke for Passover

Microwave Mamaliga

Mannaya Kasha/Semolina Porridge

Semolina is referred to as 'Cream of Wheat' or farina in the United States.

Also known as Манная Каша.

Brauđsúpa - Bread Soup

Thriftiness is a strong trait in many older Icelanders, especially the generations that were born before World War II. Everything had to be used up, and throwing away leftover food amounted to a domestic crime. This thick soup is one way of using up bread leftovers and crusts.

Recipe taken from Helga Sigurđardóttir's "Matur & Drykkur", Mál og Menning, Reykjavík, 1986 (1947).

Zsidó Tojás

Hungarian sandwich filling or served on crackers as entrée.

Spezi (German Orange Cola)

From Recipezaar: "This drink is very popular in Germany but can also be found in Switzerland and Austria. They typically do not use ice in any of their beverages. I have loved this since I was a child. In Germany, Coca-Cola sells Spezi in cans called Mezzo-Mix."