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Recipes I've Shared:

Homemade Mac & Cheese in POWER PRESSURE COOKER

May use chicken broth or water to cook pasta.
Lunch or supper.

Macaroni, Cheese & Broccoli Quesadilla

Serves 2: Main Course for lunch or dinner.
Adapted from Mr Food. Could switch broccoli for veggie of choice.
Can add left over meat, but count the calories.

Very Good (1 rating)
Sixty’s Vanilla Truvia Iced Decaf Coffee

Plan ahead. Mix in a jar the day before. Refrigerate.

Habanero Restaurant Grilled Salad

My favorite restaurant.
No Habanero peppers were harmed. If you want them, you must ask for them. Use salsa for dressing.


Berries will thaw naturally if prepared overnight. But is good even if they are still frozen. May add nuts for topping; be sure to track.
Bold colored berries, cherries & turmeric are considered Anti-Inflammatory. I have read professional articles that dairy only causes inflammation for people with dairy intolerance and is not a problem for a majority of the population. This is also great source of Calcium.

HOME CHEF Cheddar Bacon Crusted Chicken with Ranch Potatoes 9/2019

Oven Ready program. I leave out or try to decrease quantity of ingredients with sodium. Buttermilk Dill Seasoning, 2 tsp Is unknown. Week of 9/30/19.

HOME CHEF: Creamy Pesto and Bleu Cheese Salad & Pear & Chicken\ 9/2019

I add chicken available at home. Plan ahead. If chicken isn’t available, I can use a Kroger Shrimp Cocktail kit.

HOME CHEF - Shrimp and Creamy Corn Risotto with Crispy Jalapeños | Oven Ready

Prepped before delivery. Cook within 3-5 days.
I need to try to reduce the SODIUM.
Promoted by Hungry Girl.


Oval shaped Slow Cooker/ Crockpot. Easy. Adding salsa to bottled BBQ sauce reduces calories per serving. I used low quantity per serving for those who eat small portions. Others can measure 1.5 or 2 servings. Freezes well. DH ate 3 servings. Your quantity will depend on size of loin.

Overnight Vanilla Almond Chia Seed Pudding

A healthy breakfast or snack. Add a choice of toppings that are tracked separate, such as: Berries, slivered almonds, or cacao.
Can use maple syrup or honey. Truvia is only non-caloric sweetener that I can tolerate.

Overnight Chocolate Chia Flax Pudding with Cherries

Prepare evening beforehand for breakfast. Filling & nutritious. Breakfast or a snack.

Pumpkin Kodiak Waffle - Weight Watchers friendly

2 SMART POINTS if you don't make any alterations in recipe. This is so easy. If you don't have a waffle maker, make pancakes. BeneProtein is optional. Increases protein 6 grams.

Coctel de Camerones (Mexican Shrimp Coctail)

My adaptation of a popular Mexican classic. This is high in sodium, so may want to adjust the salt. Buy an extra lime for garnish. I use large quality frozen cocktail shrimp. I used salsa instead of tomato puree. That way, jalapeño is not required. Can use some cilantro sprigs for garnish. Serve in a large, fancy water glass. serve with saltines. I find this very filling and sometimes take part of it home in a to-go cup. Traditional to serve with saltines - I use 4.

Easy Granola

After reading dozens of recipes, I came up with this composite. You can change out the fruit, seeds, and nuts if you keep the measurements the same. I could not find no salt added seeds for the nutrition.

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Custard Cups

I was afraid to use the fat free half and half this time. It has to be lower fat than many recipes. PORTION CONTROL!!!! You might want to only eat half a serving.
I changed the directions to ones that made it easier for me. Makes 4 servings.

5 Minute Fudge Brownies / Whole Wheat

Note this 16 servings. Modified from Real Food website.
I wanted to seem how calories compare.
Any ideas on making this with applesauce.

Mexican Rice & Poached Chicken

Can multiply by number of people served, or make planned left overs.

Quick Lentil Sauce and Spaghetti

I cook up lentils ahead and either freeze or refrigerate in portion sizes. My version based on Spark Meal Plan for Vegetarian Spaghetti with Lentil Sauce. I use whole wheat pasta.

Big Daddy’s Chicken Sriracha Stir-Fry

As seen on Dr. Oz. I didn't have the Sriracha. Should be able to order on line. I am not going to buy "grapeseed oil" so used canola. Made a few other changes as noted. This is a healthy fat & healthy carb meal.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Baked Potato Flake "Fried" Chicken Thighs

I use skinless, can be with or without the bone. Can use for other chicken pieces. Choose your options for seasoning from anything that doesn't had calories or salt. 100 grams = about 3.5 oz.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Pumpkin Delight, Healthy Diabetic Recipe

I want to make this for Thanksgiving. Make a day ahead to refrigerate overnight. This is from a diabetic website. I changed one ingredient to match what I have, and guessed about how many graham crackers. I worked with calculators to get the measurements & calories as close as possible.

Quick Cheesy Salmon Noodle Bake

Could substitute tuna. I made this with veggies I have on hand, Velveeta, and raided the pantry. Four Adult servings. More if feeding children.

Maid Rites

Found made from scratch recipes, with assorted ingredients. I picked one that is NOT like Sloppy Joe's Sandwich, Turkey alternative, but ground turkey here is higher in fat than the lean beef. Can change to suite tastes easily.

October Stone Soup

Made from scratch, organic autumn veggies from CSA except one store bought yellow onion. Very low sodium as prepared.
1 Diabetic Carb = 15 grams of carbs.

Coachman's Salad

Updated from my German Grandma's recipe. She was diabetic. Original had saccharin and bologna in it.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Oatmeal, Oatbran, Flax

Can make large quantity and store in refrigerator for the week.

Kidney Bean and Tarragon Salad

Dr. Pericone website recipe - not very specific on amounts. So, I added what I used. Best marinated overnight. Can use more or less onion. Pretty if onion is in rings.

Salmon Burgers on a Bed of Baby Greens

From: Dr Pericones Best Anti-inflammatory Diet Recipes, posted on web.

Dilled Carrot, Cabbage, Parsnip Soup

Made with fresh dill growing on the counter & homemade chicken broth. Created recipe from what I had on hand & after looking at similar spark recipes. Recipe calculated using Campbell's which has more sodium. Plan ahead. Cook. Cool before blenderized. Then, reheat.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Fave Diet's Healthy Baked Chicken Salad

Modified the recipe to what I use. Recipe called for salt / I don't use it due to low sodium diet. Recipe still has 600 mg sodium per serving. I discard the egg yolks due to low cholesterol diet, which also dropped the calories a lot.

Pineapple-Applesauce Gelatin

Suitable for Diabetics. Chill until set [at least 4 hours].
Can serve 16.

Stuffed Cabbage

Healthier version of Grandma's recipe from the old country.
She would have used home canned tomatoes.
Got idea of the cauliflower from a cooking show seen on FIT-TV.
Consider adding mustard seed to the meat mixture.

Red Applesauce Yogurt Dessert

Holiday dessert suitable for diabetics or low carb.
Only 1/2 of a diabetic carb. Can count as a fruit exchange.

CrockPot CheeseBurger Potato Soup

I modified Stephanie O'Dey's version of this soup. I went through sparks and didn't find the same recipe. I changed Tobasco to Worcestershire Sauce. I used 2% Milk Velveeta & increased the onion & added mushrooms. [To bad Velveeta doesn't come in Swiss.] Serve with slice of Italian Bread or with Taco Chips. Increase or decrease ingredients such as the ground beef or potatoes according to how many people being served.
Mine would be lower sodium because I used homemade chicken broth. You can also reduce the amount of W. Sauce and the amount of the Velveeta to reduce the sodium.

Sixty's Lighter Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole

I was trying to use up ingredients from the pantry and adapted what I had to an old recipe. Diabetic friendly. Uses left over chicken breast meat.

Mayo Clinic's Healthy Baked Oatmeal

Mayo Clinic's Dietitian's tip:
You can mix this in the evening and refrigerate it overnight. Just pop it in the oven first thing when you get up.
I halved the recipe; with small reduction of brown sugar amount.
Suitable for diabetic meal plan & for the DASH diet.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Retro Mid-Century Tomato, Cucumber, Onion Salad

I remember Mom & my Grandma's making this attractive recipe. Probably a Purdue Extension Club recipe. I omitted the salt. I wasn't allowed to help make it until I was old enough to use a knife - probably when I was in college. Some prefer to add vinegar or an Italian salad dressing. We just ate as is. Good for carry-in picnics, etc. If you have access to tomatoes of a variety of colors, it is pretty.

Warm Wilted Lettuce

Traditional summer recipe the way grandma made - except she had saccharine and not splenda.
Can substitute Canadian Bacon for the turkey bacon.
Diabetic friendly. Reduced Fat.

How to blanch corn for freezing

Use quantity the works in your pot.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Tomato Avocado Relish [ salsa ]

This is especially attractive if you have access to heirloom tomatoes. Good served with fish or chicken, or on it's own.
Picnic friendly.

Grated Raw Beet Salad

North African inspired recipe

Potatoes Pistou

For smaller servings, you can make the Pistou and freeze in portions for recipes. Cheese is not calculated.
Found this recipe somewhere unknown on the internet about ten years ago. I modified the amount of oil by 50% and added lemon juice.
Diabetic needing 3 D. Carbs = 45 grams carbohydrates.
680 grams of potato = about 1.5 pounds.
one serving is about 170 grams of potato
170 grams of potato = 122 calories / potato only & 24 grams of net carbs. Therefore about 1.5 diabetic carbs per serving.

This recipe needs to be served with low calorie foods. Can be served with fish and low calorie veggies such as zucchini.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Country Captain Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe

From Stephanie O'Dea's Website with a number of modifications.
Stephanie states her recipe idea came from watching Bobby Flay.
I did not include optional ingredients: rice & shrimp. My recipe serves 2
You can add more of all ingredients proportionately for larger family, but don't necessarily need more tomatoes.
DH told me to make it again.

Roasted Chicken Salad w/ Fruit

Add 1.8 TBS of Dressing for Roast Chicken Salad per serving.
Can substitute fruit with similar.


Dressing for Roast Chicken Salad

Add to enough skinless chicken breast to serve six, roasted, bones removed, and a stalk of celery, and one cup of diced fruit [apple, grapes, pineapple, Mandarin orange]. Do not add dressing until just before serving. If too dry, add fat free chicken broth for moisture.

Cauliflower, Mushroom, Kielbasa stir fry

South Beach I friendly. [Low Carb, but not low fat.] Diabetic needs to add carbs: can add rice or pasta or eat a bread.
One serving is less than 8 net grams of carb. Two servings would equal one diabetic carb.

Tilapia with Cucumber Radish Relish

Recipe modified to lower fat from recipe on package of fresh tilipia, purchased at Krogers. Not sure the calories are correct as the recipe calculator only calculates 12 ounces of Tilapia as 31.4 calories.
Tilapia is probably farm raised and therefore is at risk of high in mercury. Watch frequency of serving this fish.

Ines' Banana Nut Bread, or Muffins

Adapted Ines' favorite Banana Bread recipe by changing 2 eggs to 4 egg whites; and changing the sugar to Splenda; and changing out 1 cup of white flour to whole wheat flour. Ines always baked in her bunt cake pan. I used muffin pans and made 24 servings for portion control This recipe might have originated with the Purdue Extension office.
One muffin is about 20 grams of Carbohydrates = one diabetic carb.

Blazing Saddles, Linda's Update

Beef & Poultry. My old church cookbook has a lot of mid-century recipe's including this one. I made a lot of changes to reduce the carbs for the diabetics in my family and reduce the fats for me.
Former recipes included 3/4cup ketchup and 1/2 cup brown sugar. I substituted tomato paste, diet coke, and changed out some of the beans for what I keep on hand.
I would love to see Chef Meg's suggestions for this recipe.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Eggplant Stacks

Can be used as a main course or as a side.

Tuna Melt Redux Recipe

Tuna Melt Redux Recipe provided for you by
Diabetic friendly recipe. I modified by using tuna packed in water and not oil. I also changed it from 2 servings to 4 servings. Each serving is calculated with only a half an English Muffin. I looked up Redux.Redux is an adjective meaning "brought back, restored" (from the Latin reducere - bring back)

Tofu Mayonnaise Recipe, Diabetic recipe

From website: Information About Diabetes
The websites calorie calculations do not necessarily agree with Spark People. It is still an interesting option.

No Calorie Diabetic Dressing Recipe

[I haven't tried this yet]
source: Diabetic Information website:

Very Good (1 rating)
Diabetic French Dressing Recipe

recipe found on a diabetes website.
BR>Has 0.5G sugar per serving.

Tuna Pasta Puttanesca

Adapted from Wioman's Day Menu to lighten up and serve two.

Creamy Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Calculated to serve one. Just multiply by how many I plan to serve. Everything was on standby in the pantry or the freezer.
Start the brown rice in the rice cooker., 1/4 cup raw per person about 40 minutes before you start cooking. [rice calories are not in recipe..] This meal cost me less than $3.15 per person, including the rice.

Simple Pineapple Jello

Chill jello mixture about 45 minutes so that it becomes syrupy before adding the pineapple. Make ahead at least 4 hours.
Salad, dessert, side, lunch or dinner.


Got this recipe from PBS about ten years ago.
Family doesn't know I changed it to Splenda. SHHHHH!

Broccoli Rice Parmesan

Use homemade chicken stock or veggie broth that is low sodium or sodium free, and also low fat.

Linda's Pork Chop Crock Pot Casserole

Using up some ingredients in the refrigerator such as wine and fresh sage. This is a lower fat, lower carb than an old recipe. My updated version of an old family favorite that had cream of mushroom soup. I will probably only eat half of a serving and save pork, as they are big chops, to slice over a salad tomorrow.

Neapolitan Jell-O, circa 1916

Updated by using sugar free.
America's Most Famous Dessert, 1916
Source: The Jell-O Museum
Alternate layers of clear and whipped.

Cabbage Bean & Rice Soup

Update of an old-fashion family recipe.
I make my own sodium free veggie or chicken broth in the crock pot over night. I counted it as water as it is sodium & fat free, and does not have significant nutrition, just flavor. Edamame and corn are essentially equal in nutrition and can be substituted for each other.
I read that rice in the nutrition is calculated as cooked.
Nutrition = 2 cups cooked rice / 1 cup dry.

Rustic Pecan Blueberry Crumble

Update of an older recipe.
Lower Carb. Lower Fat. Lower Sugar.

Fat Free Apple Crisp

found at Recipe 4 Living with modifications suggested.
Checking the calories. Still a lot of calories.

Broiled Chicken Kabobs with Vegetables

This chicken recipe gives you a quick version to the traditional kabobs, without the heartburn that can occur with the usual kabob recipe. Serve with long-grain brown rice.

Very Good (1 rating)
Crock Pot Cube Steak for a Summer Day, Low Cost

Used free produce and low cost.
Meat was 25% off.
Great to use crockpot in summer. Can leave and forget and won't heat up the house.

Homemade Soup of the Day: Clam & Bean "Chowder"

Pantry recipe. Had homemade chicken broth in the freezer. Made white beans from scratch a few days ago. Clams in a can. Recipe Beginniings in the freezer.

Healthier Summer Tomato Sauce, Low Sodium, Reduced Fat

I based this recipe on watching two food network stars.
Giada DeLuarentis & Ellie KRIEGER, and on listening to a food preservation expert on the radio.
I have the tomato & basil growing in my own garden.
Compare nutrition to:
I plan to try this as soon as I have enough tomatoes.

Healthier Summer Tomato Sauce, Low Sodium, Reduced Fat

I based this recipe on watching two food network stars.
Giada DeLuarentis & Ellie KRIEGER, and on listening to a food preservation expert on the radio.
I have the tomato & basil growing in my own garden.
Compare nutrition to:
I plan to try this as soon as I have enough tomatoes.

Giada's Tomato Sauce

from food network
Not necessarily the healthiest. Checking the nutrition.
Used only a dash of salt where it called for salt.

Linda's Low Sodium V8 Smoothie

Easy with an individual smoothie container.
High in Vit. A & C & in potassium.
Fat Free. Have straw, will enjoy.

Very Good (1 rating)
Beef Mushroom Spinach Lasagna, Lighter version

Modified recipe after watching Ellie Krieger video. It did not give measurement for the Ricotta. I used lower fat ingredients. She recommended tomato sauce that did not have more than 500 mg sodium per serving and included olive oil in ingredients. I chose the brand listed as I use homemade sauce.

Chicken, Picnic Oven-Fried

Recipe courtesy
Modified by using chicken breasts instead of legs & thighs.

The entire amount of the buttermilk mixture & flour are not really used.

Bibb Salad, Giada De Laurentiis

Sugar free salad dressing. I don't add the salt, so not calculated.
Original recipe included topped with Parmesan Butter Crostini; not included.

Mayonnaise, Lightened up Garlic-Rosemary

Modified from Recipe courtesy Giada De Laurentiis
I decreased the size of a serving as well.
1 serving is greater than 2 tablespoons depending on the volume of the herbs.

Very Good (1 rating)
Couscous with Apples, Cranberries and Herbs

Recipe courtesy Giada De Laurentiis; food network
recipe calculated without chicken broth as I use sodium free, homemade broth. Also reduced the amount of Kosher Salt by 1 teaspoon from original recipe.

Freezing Fresh Herbs

Source: Cooperative Extension Service, The University of Georgia, Athens.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Sweet Onion Marmellata, reduced sugar, reduced sodium

Modified Recipe of Giada De Laurentiis, Food Network.
She used it on pork chopes. I didn't add the salt, change the orange maramalade to a sugar free brand.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Sweet Onion Marmellata for 2, Reduced Fat version

Modified Recipe of Giada De Laurentiis, Food Network.
Reduced fat & sugar version for 2 servings.
Want to try in crockpot.

Very Good (1 rating)
Whole Grain Oatmeal, Flaxseed. Cocoa, Milk, Cinnamon

My version of Coach Dean's oatmeal. I eat a smaller portion & male with milk. If sweetening need, I add splenda.

Very Good (1 rating)
Tuna, Low Sodium, Wh Bean, Veggie Salad

Made from dried white beans, with no sodium added.
Based on a recipe that I used to add pasta instead of beans.
I noted that the size of cans of Tuna has changed since I joined Spark. Deflation of the can?

Incredible! (6 ratings)
Garlic Spiked Broccoli with Cranberries, Low Sodium

Robin Miller, Quick Fix Meals, Food Network
Easy recipe
Modified to be Low Sodium

Incredible! (1 rating)
Updated Grandma's German Saurkraut & Brats

Updated version using Turkey Bratwurst
Recipe for family gatherings observing German Heritage.
Serve with boiled potatoes.

Fruit & Cheese Snack

"Skip the crackers and serve cheese with fruit instead. Cheese is full of calcium and protein, and the fruit helps bring out its flavor. Swap low-fat for full-fat cheese and remember that one serving of cheese is about as big as a pair of dice." Stepfanie Romine

Very Good (1 rating)
Minted Broccoli Slaw; Sandra Lee

Recipe courtesy Sandra Lee
Episode: Eating Light
Show: Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee

Chicken Piccata with Pasta and Mushrooms

Recipe courtesy
Modified ingredients to whole grain & homemade broth.
[Used butter in nutrition; but will use Can't Believe]

Citrus Poached Snapper with Black Bean Salad, Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee, Food Network, shares a menu that will fill you up but won't weigh you down.
1 cup of commercial Veg Broth has 940 mg sodium. I make my own which has no added sodium. Therefore not counted in the nutrition ingredients. This is already a high sodium recipe. I made several modifications to lower the sodium.

Chicken with Peach and Melon Salsa _ Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee, Semi-Homemade recipe. Just watched on TV. Episode: Eating Light
She used peaches canned in heavy syrup and rinsed. I changed it to canned in juice.
Cilantro and Jerk Seasoning not in the nutrition calculator. I calculated with 4 oz of Cx per serving. Sandra used a melon medley from a salad bar.

Very Good (1 rating)
Balsamic Chicken with Baby Spinach, E Krieger

I used measurement of 2 cups of dry couscous as that would be normal serving for four people.
I entered 16 ounces of chicken breast.

I am sure I included all ingredients. Food network calculated this at 353 calories per serving.

Very Good (9 ratings)
Orange & Yellow Couscous

Picnic Friendly. May serve hot, at room temperature or chilled. Serves 4, but may make smaller portions if preferred to serve 8.

Asparagus Zucchini Mushroom Egg Bake

Lower Fat version of popular breakfast casserole, with bread & meat left out. Makes a good, frugal Sunday night supper. Uses Asparagus stems that otherwise might be discarded.

Asparagus with Sesame & Chive Blossoms

Unable to find calorie/nutrition for Chive Blossoms.

Incredible! (1 rating)

Guessing on the quantity of cheese.
State Farm Recipe: PER SERVING (EXCLUDING UNKNOWN ITEMS): 447 calories; 23 g fat (44.7% calories from fat);
37 g protein; 27 g carbohydrate; 5 g dietary fiber; 90 mg cholesterol; 389 mg sodium.

Ramen Slaw for pot luck

Keeps well if taken to a pot luck or picnic.
I add slivered almonds or soy nuts or sesame seeds [not calculated in the recipe as at home I add with each serving.] Easy & Cheap.

Tuna White Bean & Corn Chowder

Pantry recipe.
High Fiber.
Used home made, sodium free chicken broth so not figured in the nutrition list. Used frozen veggies for the g. pepper, onion, and celery.
Canned beans and tuna are high in sodium.

Chili, Quick and Easy, Ground Turkey

Lightened up recipe from label of Randa''"s beans, as I made a lot of changes. I reduced the oil drastically from 3 TBS, and eliminated the added salt as the canned tomatoes & beans already have a huge amount of salt. I changed to 93% lean ground turkey.
Haven't tried it yet.
1/8 of this dish is almost 500 calories if made with lean hamburger.

Very Good (1 rating)
Cucumber Orange Salad

Marinate for at least one hour.
Picnic friendly
Q 85

Spinach Saute', basic recipe

Basic recipe
Can add vinegar if you prefer before serving.

Savory Shrimp Tomato Broccoli Zucchini

Uses pantry & freezer items plus zucchini. Quick prep. Calories may change as the wine cooks off ? ?

Very Good (6 ratings)
Zucchini Mushroom Bake

Economy lunch


Economy meal
Low Sodium

Very Good (4 ratings)
Chicken Curry, precooked cx

Use left over chicken
Quick. My version of semi-homemade

Baked Maple Apricot Apple

Quick Start recipe, w 1.

Very Good (1 rating)
Tuna Salad, Lemon French Dressing

Low Sodium, Reduced Fat/Healthy Oil.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Creamed Chicken & Vegetables

Low cost if use left over roasted chicken dark meat. May srve over whole wheat toast, biscuits, whole grain rice, or noodle. [starch side is not calculated.] Or may eat as is.
Modification of my grandmother's recipe to make lower fat & lower carb.

Cucumber Bell Pepper relish

Update of old family recipe for Diabetics.
Low Sodium. Low [healthy] Fat. Low Carb.
Low Cost. Picnic friendlly
Marinate in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Chicken & White Bean SouthWest Chili

Crock Pot all day recipe.
May use frozen chicken tenders or thawed chicken breast.

Very Good (20 ratings)
Green Beans and Pan Roasted Red Onions

Saved this recipe from Cooking Light magazine. many years agi, Regularly use this for Thanksgiving & other Holidays. Family raves about it.

Vegie soup, kicked up a notch

Quick lunch to increase veggies. I prepped a whole pack of dry garbanzo beans and stored in the refrigertor. Added from that, so lower sodium than the canned kind. Eat alone, or serve with a half a sandwich. This is more something that Sondra Lee would make, than Everil. Economical.

Very Good (6 ratings)
Round Steak Stew, Comfort Food

Recipe for two. If you double, just use the one can of soup. Add water if needed.
Quick and easy with convenience foods.
I try to have more veggies than meat. Limit the quantity of potatoes.

Reduced Fat Ham and Split Pea Soup

2 step process. Make Ham broth. Cool overnight. Skim fat from broth.
Final Step, cook in slow cooker.
High Fiber. Nutritious. I serve with my Corn Muffins made with Egg Whites

Very Good (2 ratings)
Easy Chicken,Spring Veggie & Tortellini

Freezer foods make this recipe quick and easy.
Remember to thaw the chicken breast for quicker preparation. High sodium.

Very Good (12 ratings)
Perfect Roast Chicken

Difficult to enter chicken on the recipe calculator. I entered as 6 units.
Recommend removing the skin before serving.
Bought chicken for 99 cents a pound. Will be able to use leftovers for salads and sandwiches.

Bison Chili

Great Range Ground Bison

Very Good (15 ratings)
Easy Tiramisu Pie, Lightened Up

Cool Whip recipe, lightened up by using lower calorie, lower fat ingredients, including FREE Cool Whip. NOTE: 12 servings
Must Refrigerate 3 hours before serving.
Does not require cooking.
I use store brand of all ingredients.
Optional, top with strawberries.
Carry-In Dinner or Snack.

Black Forest Trifle

Kraft recipe. Carry In Snack Recipe.
Reduced Fat & Sugar ingredients.
[Not all ingredients in the recipe program] According to Kraft, this makes 10 Servings at 160 cal each.

Tuesday Tuna Salad

Quick, Convenient, Week Day Lunch. Low Carb. Low Fat. South Beach Friendly. Has 3.8 grams of fiber.

Serve on bed of shredded lettuce and with whole wheat crackers.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Asian Vegetable & Egg Fried Rice

Easy Sunday Night Supper. Calories for Rice are not included. Add 1/2 serving of Buttery Whole Grain Brown Rice per person that was left over from another meal.
Low Fat, Healthy Carbs.
South Beach Phase 2 friendly. [1 serving has about 3 servings of veggies].
Serves 2.

Whole Grain Brown Rice, Buttery

I usually only eat 1/2 serving. Can make ahead in larger quantity keep in fridge all week, or freeze. Low Fat. Low Sodium.
Phase 2, South Beach.

Clam & Ham bean Chowder morphed

See recipe for Hurst's HamBeen Soup for morphing. Take 2 servings of the soup, add to your planner. Lower sodium than the mother recipe, but still a high sodium recipe.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Quick Sweet & Sour Chick, Low Fat, Low Carb

Modified from " Low Fat Sweet and Sour Chicken with Brown Rice" to make it serve 2 & use products readily available. make it Beachie, amount of veggies increased & sugar free orange marmalade used. Used mostly frozen veggies as they are out of season & makes for quicker prep.

[Optional to serve over whole grain, brown rice. / separate recipe]

Oil & Vinegar 50/50 dressing

Mix in a jar and can keep on the counter.
Sugar and Sodium free.
Measure by the tablespoon.
Too quick and easy to have an excuse to use bottled dressings.

Giada's Italian Fish & Veggie Packets

Giada De Laurentiis demonstrated this on TV this week. Easy.

Chicken Supper, Day before Shopping

Wild rice takes an hour to prepare. Most of prep can be done while it is cooking. Early in the day, cut frozen spinach in half, put half back in refrigerator, freeze the rest. Supper for two using food available in fridge & pantry the day before grocery shopping. Modified SP recipes to make Low Sodium & Lower in Fat.

Very Good (12 ratings)
Tuna and Veggie Salad, Quick Recipe Morph

Use two cups of the Radish, Celery, Carrot diced combination and add Tuna, favorite seasoning, vinegar & oil. If using morphed recipe, it is quick, easy, and economical.

Maple Breakfast Oatmeal w/ Cocoa

Makes 2 servings. I usually eat half a serving. Store the rest in the refrigerator & reheat in the microwave to make quick breakfast for a few days.. Good for diet to lower cholesterol. Low sodium. No sugar. Milk is used for extra nutrition. Low cost breakfast.

Very Good (1 rating)
Celery Carrot Radish Salad & Broth recipes

Saves time & money. 2 cost effective recipes.
Clean veggies, then save scraps to make veggie broth in the slow cooker. Morph the salad into other salad recipes or use to top a lettuce salad. 1 cup = 1 serving. Low cal. Low fat. Low sodium.

Very Good (11 ratings)
Maple Apple Acorn Squash Bake

Low Sodium, satisfying autumn or winter dish.
Good Carbs. Low sugar. Uses Splenda & small amount of maple syrup instead of brown sugar.
Serve with a main course oven meal.

Very Good (5 ratings)
Curry-Cauliflower-Pork Loin Bake for 2

Oven Supper. My remake on recipe that I used to make with potatoes & onions & canned mushroom soup. Lots of calories and sodium removed.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Sarah's Maple Oatmeal, 2% milk

Recipe for my granddaughter.
Heart Healthy & Bone Healthy for me.
Could change the milk to skimmed for lower fat.
2 servings according to the box.
I am calculating as 4 servings. [Children & Grandma's should have smaller servings.]

Can make evening before, store in refrigerator, then heat in microwave. When serving, pour a little milk over it as it will be dry.
Serve with berries, raisins, or dried cranberries.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Corn Muffins made with Egg Whites

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix without Yolks.
Lower Fat. Lower Calorie.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Salmon Patties, Low Carb,

I don't think I have ever heard of this combination. I had left overs of the Surprise ingredient, and thought why not?
South Beach Friendly.Great for lunch or supper.
Meal for 2. Canned salmon is high in sodium.

Low Na+ V8 Crush

Easy. Quick. Low Sodium. Low Fat. Low Carb. Healthy Snack. South Beach friendly. Not really a smoothie.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Ham & Mushroom Angel Hair Pasta

Make Ahead recipe for freezer. Modified recipe on p. 53 of OAMC by M. Wilson & M. Lagerborg. Use 1/4 of cooled recipe for Mushroom Sauce for Make Ahead casserole. Also use 2 servings of Make Ahead Angel Hair Pasta which has about 1/4 TBS of Canola Oil on it.

Freezes well. Thaw in refrigerator for 24 hours before cooking. Can use any color of Bell Peppers. Optional to sprinkle top with seasoned croutons [not included in my recipe.]. Serve with cooked zucchini. this recipe is high in sodium. Helpful to leave out the bouillon in the mushroom sauce.

Turkey Broccoli

Use Make Ahead Mushroom Sauce recipe. [nutrition is calculated into this recipe.] Use left-over, cooked turkey or chicken white meat.
Recipe is my adaptation of recipe on p. 33 of OAMC by M.Wilson & M.Lagerborg. Changed to increase the broccoli, and decrease the sodium from condensed soup, & decrease calories. I do not use the mayo in original recipe. Freezes well. Thaw in refrigerator 24 hours.
Serve with Cranberry Salad and a starchy option of choice [whole grain rice or whole grain bread.]

Mushroom Sauce for Make Ahead casserole recipe

Sauce to be used instead of canned, condensed soups in Make Ahead recipes.
Modified Sodium. If you need lower sodium, leave out the bouillon. Makes 3-4 recipes to be used with Make Ahead recipes. [This is not 4 servings to eat as is.] Nutrition calculated for use in four recipes.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Angel Hair Pasta, Do Ahead

Weigh & Measure everything for correct portion control. Can keep in refrigerator most of the week, or freeze, or prepare with a "Do Ahead" recipe. Need scales & measuring cup & spoons.
My experience: 16 oz box/dry will make 8 [4 oz] servings. Some might make more servings. So weigh it.

Linda's oatmeal

Low Sodium, Sugar Free, Whole Grain breakfast. Modified from Coach Dean's Oatmeal. His recipe called for Flax Seed & blueberries. Also was twice the volume per serving. I prefer smaller servings.

Edamame - Tomato - Pepper Salad

I turn to this quick salad when we get tired of eating lettuce. My husband doesn't call this combination Rabbit Food. Has more fiber than lettuce salad.

Reduced Sodium Clam & Bean Chowder

By making this recipe with dried Great Northern Beans, I was able to decrease the sodium content considerably. I cooked a 16 oz bag of beans per directions. I used 1/3 of the cooked beans for this recipe. The other beans can be stored in the refrigerator and used on salads, or frozen for the next time this recipe is made.

Sundried Tomato Dressing, Reduced Na

Adapted old recipe to reduce sodium. May substitute Low Sodium tomato Juice.
Serving = about 2 Tablespoons.
Make sure you buy vinegar products with no added sugar or corn sweetener. If you need a sweeter taste, use spenda.
South beach friendly salad dressing -- may need 4 tablespoons on your 4 cup raw salad.

If you need lower fat dressing, reduce or eliminate the oil.

Very Good (1 rating)
Orange Dijon Dressing / Marinade

Economical, Low sodium, tangy salad dressing. . Make in jar. Can keep on counter. If you store in refrigerator, remove long enough in advance to warm to room temp and shake real well.
Makes approximately 11 ounces. One serving = 1 ounce = 2 tablespoon = .less than 70 calories.

Can add any fresh herbs you have on hand if desired. If you want less fat, decrease or eliminate the amount of oil.

Mom's Gazpacho Jell-o Salad

An updated version of Mom's Retro Recipe. Mom always served this at holiday meals.
Can also add 1/2 cup of diced onion, but is not included in the nutrition.
To double, do not double the soup, but add one can of water. Double every thing else.
Actually, the base recipe fills one of my largest Pyrex bowls. Great for carry-in dinners.

Baked Cheesy Cauliflower, 2 servings

This my take on comfort food Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user SAMARIAD1. Seasoning was great. Low sodium. Makes two hearty servings for South Beach type healthy menu.

Shrimp & Couscous, 2 serving

I modified recipe submitted by SparkPeople user AJTURLEY77 choice of comfort food. I changed it to fit my family size & dietary preferences. I also don't have Cajun spice on hand, & used what was in my pantry. I served it with recipe for Baked Cheesy Cauliflower. I put the Cauliflower in the oven to bake while I prepared this dish. South Beach friendly; Low Sodium, Low Fat. [I calculated the broth as water as mine is salt free.]

Very Good (1 rating)
Hurst's HamBeens 15 Bean Soup, morph

Quick Method recipe. To morph recipe, add Ham or ham hocks for the turkey sausage. The meat are not calculated in recipe. Can also use beans to top salads or marinate for a salad. 1/2 cup cooked should be a serving. Recipe is to make 16 servings.

Cranberry-Pineapple Minis

Jell-O Website has video

Easy Apple-Cheddar Melts

Recipe from Kraft website; modified with Splenda
Idea for entertaining.
1 Serving = 2 topped crackers

Incredible! (1 rating)
morphed Salmon-White Bean soup

Pantry meal if you have veggie soup base in the freezer. Morph into a hearty supper. Less sodium & calories than my other version, as I eliminated a can of tomatoes. Should not have more than 12 oz of seafood per week.

Multigrain Fruited Cookies

From Quaker box; modified. This is a healthier treat than some, but is not intended for restricted diets. Nutrition calculated with walnuts & raisins [not the dried mixed fruit.] Serving = 1 cookie.

Multi Grain Hot Cereal

Like having dessert for breakfast.

Mediterranean Baked Perch, modified

Modified SP recipe with too many ingredients & to serve 2 people. [If using frozen fish, buy individually wrapped servings. 24 to 48 hours in advance, remove individual servings from freezer and from plastic wrap. place in pyrex dish covered with plastic wrap to thaw. If you don't want large bottle of apple juice, buy it in individual serving cans or on the baby food aisle. Or, substitute with the other juices.

My Basic Vegetable Soup

This is my comfort food. Freeze portions. Can morph into other variations. I calculated for 8 portions. I add other ingredients and can fix differently each meal. Example, add spinach, zucchini, or any kind of beans, or green beans, or corn.. May add a meat such as: browned ground Turkey, canned seafood, turkey sausage or ham, etc. I try to make the end result each time we have it. May need to add extra broth. I make my own broth. I did not calculate it because I skim it well and it is sodium free.

Stuffed Peppers with Ground Turkey, Rice, Spinach and Cheese

Need 2 servings of Thai Ground Turkey recipe plus the following. [be sure to add the recipe for calories].
I reduced amount of cheese from original recipe. This is enough spinach for 4, but I am dividing between 2 people.


Crisp, Raw, Veggies for snack time.
Keep washed & prepared in the Refrigerator.
No dressing or dips

Tuna & White Bean Salad base ne' Urvater

I don't always have the same veggies to add to this basic recipe. Can choose tomatoes, or combination of bell peppers, carrots, celery, or what ever I have on hand. Gets better with marinating time. I freeze the Basil Pesto base & thaw to add to this

Very Good (2 ratings)
Basil Pesto Base for freezer

Can Thaw and add other ingredients or use to make salad dressings. Store in 2 oz containers

Roasted Cauliflower

Quick side with supper.
Can combine with other veggies.

Very Good (1 rating)
Garlic-Ginger-Soy-Sour Cream Dressing

Found this recipe on the my dressing mixer. I modified it with Splenda & low fat ingredients.
I used McCormick garlic & ginger that come in a small jar.

Greek Salad

I reduced the olive oil from South Beach recipe and added black olives. This is a high sodium dish, so watch it the rest of the day. I use a small serving bowl to eat this size salad. Can make a lunch or as a side with fish or chicken.

Salmon-Great Northern Bean Chowder

Phase 2, South Beach. Recalculated from No-Work recipe from Kierae. Modification of a recipe to fit South Beach plan.
I used homemade chicken broth, which had no added sodium Th nutrition analysis will have higher sodium than actual recipe.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Chicken StirFry, Angel food

I created this recipe to use Chicken Dark Meat Fritter [nuggets] from Angel Food Ministries. Best if you weigh the meat. I prepare more rice than needed earlier in the week. Then use the left over rice in this recipe. Otherwise, add cooking time for the rice

Tuna, Wh Bean, Veggie Salad

My modification of Tuna White Bean salad, using what I had in the fridge. I used Canelli. Used veggies as available in my refrigerator.
Served with fruit and cheese.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Blueberry pie for freezer

Picked our own blueberries in Summer. Made the pie and froze the same week. Ready to bake when the holidays arrived. Recipe is light version of an Alton Brown, Food network, recipe. If you don't eat the crust, you save about 165 calories.
Cut pie into 8 servings.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Giada's Tomato Sauce, Classic Italian

I have kept this recipe ever since Giada first appeared on Food Network.
Store brands often have sweeteners added.
Has a lot of butter. Can reduce the amount for lower fat. This is the original recipe & is calculated WITHOUT the butter.

Spanish Style Ground Turkey & Rice

Plan Left-overs to make.
Meal 1: Serve with recipe of Spicy Chopped Salad with Tortillas
Meal 2: morph into recipe of Stuffed Peppers with Ground Turkey, Rice, Spinach and Cheese.
Freezes Well!
Adapted from Rachel Ray recipe to adapt to family likes & dislikes, to be lower in fat & cholesterol & to reduce number of servings. Can double for larger family.
When shopping, watch for fat content of ground poultry. Some of it is 80:20 or 85:15.

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