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Recipes I've Shared:

Parmesan wing (1 drummette)

My boyfriend's favorite. I can easily eat 5 or 6, so with 132 calories each, I have to plan ahead, But yummy!! O my goodness!!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Shrimp alfredo slimmed down

Lighter version of a classic with so much flavor you won't miss the calories

Ponzurific Toad Food

Spicey tofu and ponzu soy sauce make this a healthy blend and of interesting veggies and just 119 calories for a 1 cup serving.


Minnestroni with a few healthy twists. This version has pinto beans instead of kidney beans because that is what I happened to have left over.

Apple Muffin Mix with a Healthy Twist

Duncan Hines 100% whole grains Apple Cinnamon Muffins with granola topping are only healthier and slimmer when you use Eggland's Best Eggs and substitute 1/4 oil with 3 TBS applesauce and 1 TBS Smart Balance Omega cooking oil.
Makes 12.

light tuna cassarole

Lighter version of tuna stove top cassarole

Mango Ponzu salsa

Interesting way to get lots of vitamins and experiment with exotic produce. Only 110 calories per 1 cup serving. Great over brown rice.

Crustless quische

Slimmed down because it doesn't have a crust, just egg-y goodness and protien galore : ) Kid tested and mother approved : )

BoBo Marinara Sauce

Quick and easy. Great for topping perogies.

nothing but good collard greens

Really good collard greens without all the fattening additives. So tasty the kids will eat them and with so many nutrients and fiber, your body will thank you : )
Less than 50 calories per 1 cup serving.
Makes 5 servings.

Sweet and Sour C + Cabbage

Awesome flavor, crazy healthy and more than 100% of the vitamin C you need in one serving ! All natural and kids like it too!

60 calories never Tasted So Good Soup

Super yummy and tasty vegetarian kosher dairy soup is less than 60 calories per 1 cup servings and feels like a treat! No cholesterol, very little fat and tons of healthy fiber and folates! Perfect for a chilly day when the munchies strike or when you've indulged somewhere else.

Hebrew Toast

Basically it's French toast only you use Cut up chunks of Challah and batter from heaven : ) It's a perfect kosher breakfast with all the comforts of home, but ya gotta budget your calories. Eat a salad for lunch or a soup for dinner.

Tuna Haf-a$$-a-role

AKA: How to feed your family for 2 days on $3
Easy to make and healthier than the traditional mac-n-cheese version. Less than 200 calories per 1 cup serving. Very good with buttered bread and a tossed salad with French dressing.

Nutrient rich dip

This practically guilt-free dip is loaded with vitamin C, potasium and other goodies.

Folate-tastic Pasta bowl

Low-fat, easy-to-fix pasta dinner that is high in carbs and folate.

OMG that's so Good Gaucamole

This is some AMAZING gaucamole and not a bad condiment since it is a good source of potasium and fiber and all : )
It's even better when you use my !Super !Amazing Salsa

Allergy fighting Oatmeal

A healthy breakfast packed with anitoxidants and immune sysytem builders plus a dose of allergy-fighting honey

Big Honkey Salad

When you are feeling ravenous and want something crunchy that also packs almost all your day's calcium and other nutients plus all your day's veggies, this is the salad for you!

Detox the Tasty Way Stew

Lotsa detoxifying veggies make this less-than-100 calories per bowl stew a tasty crowd pleaser that is sure to curb even the most ravenous appetite!.

Gingerific tuna salad go lightly

Just over 100 calories per generous serving and tasty with a quirky twist of fresh ingredients

Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup from Heaven

Veggie-rific and just 100 calories a bowl. Something the whole family loves and is very filling!!

Toad Food (what my 4-year-old calls Tofu Soup)

Less than 150 calories per serving and oh-so-savory!

Crustless Quiche

Yummy easy entree that doesn't need the empty calories of a crust.

stir fry for thin thighs

Super slim stir fry for a low cal, treat that can't be beat for healthy options!

Zesty garlic mashed potatoes

Mayo replaces milk and butter in this lighter alternative and adds a zesty flavor.

My egg salad

Pickle juice cuts the need for too much mayo and makes this a tasty low-cal high protien source

80 calories a bowl chicken and rice

Bring on the veggies and eat a bowl of homemade goodness for less than 100 calories a bowl!!



slimmer chili mac

slimmed down favorite perfect for a winter day

slimmed down dip

this ia a variation on an old favorite, good with fritos or better yet with celery sticks!

Eggplant spaghetti sauce

Super way to add a little used veggie into a delicious vegetarian meal

veggierific beef stir fry with rice

Way less caloric than take out and healthier too!

omlette with half the calories

The average omlette at restaurants are anywhere from 600-2000 calories, but this handy homemade omlette is less than 300 and it so easy to make my teenaged son learned how tho make it.

Pasta go lightly salad

Fresh veggies and thinning down the mayo help slim down this family favorite

Best chicken noodle soup ever

So savory and chock full of veggies it's healthier than the soup your mom used to make!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Asian salad dressing under 35 calories

Super tasty and perfect with romaine salad to accompany Asian food. Eat to your heart's delight with only 34 calories per serving and one of the healthiest oils around!

Slightly Lighter Pumpkin Pie

Graham cracker crust shaves a few calories off and non-fat milk helps too!

Chock full of veggies stuffing

Pretty traditional stuff with more veggies and no butter. And actually if you make your own broth the night before and skim off the fat before you use it, there's hardly and fat at all. And be sure to cook this separate from your turkey if you want to keep it lean.

Mammaw's fruity cranberry mold

A beautiful and healthy cranberry mold that has been a tradition in my family for more than 40 years!

Very Good (1 rating)
tomato-spinach-black bean soup

Tomato soup lowfat and with loads of protien and nutrients.Ready in minutes and very little clean up!! And leftovers for tomorrow!! Just 50 calories a cup!

Fall harvest hamburger stew

Replace potatoes with butternut squash for more vitmins and a richer flavor!

Left-over magic chicken and noodles

Bypass sauces and gravy and enjoy a bowl of chicken and noodles that is as healthy as it is filling! It's also a great way to use up left over roasted chicken and you can make the broth using giblets, 3 celery stalks, 1 medium onion, pinch of saffron and salt and pepper to taste. Let it cool overnight in the fridge and then skim off the grease off the top and take out the giblets and celery.

traditional challah

Traditional sabbath bread is tasty and rich.

Broccoli Fruitatta

Great for a quick dinner or brunch and you can make 1,000 variations

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Better than buttered broccoli!

Using olive oil cooking spray gives this veggie a new life and takes away some of the musky flavor better than butter ever dreamed of!

Very Good (1 rating)
super tasty skinny squash

This very flavorful and attractive side dish will have you wanting more and go ahead! It's so low-cal and tasty you can't hurt yourself.

Spinach Alfredo

You have to plan for this hig-fat meal but it makes a wonderful treat and elegant meal for guests, tastes amazing and really isn't that much work.
I made the servings large because we eat this as an entree at my house with little else at the meal because it doesn't re-heat that well. A big helping of this and you won't want anything else : )

Tzippys Tater Salad

A lighter than most version you can afford to eat a whole cup and still get a lot of crunchy goodness from the celery

Just for the halibut

Combining Asian flavors with meaty fish and tender-crisp veggies is a really good idea.
I use halibut and fresh asparagas.
OPTIONAL: add a splash of chardonay and just a drizzle of Seseme oil (not included in nutritional info because it's optional)

Tuna casarole with american cheese from scratch

pretty basic yo, feed your family for less than $1 per serving and this one is a little less fat than a lot of versions and retains most of the nutirents