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Recipes I've Shared:

Low Carb Ketchup

While looking for a low carb alternative for ketchup, I ran across several recipes, but could not find one I liked so I played with ingredients until I figured this one out...

Spinach Barley Stuffing with Mushrooms

This is an amazing, healthy alternative to grandma's stuffing! My girlfriend said she added cranberries, apples and walnuts to it and really loved it. I have not tried that yet, but go crazy and see if you like it.

Tofu Mayonnaise

An alternative to high fat mayonnaise.

Prawn Soup

Healthy, low fat, low carb, high in protien and oh sooooo good! This dish is easy to make and is great to keep in the fridge at home or at work for a quick lunch or snack.


Coleslaw...low fat, low sodium and TASTY

I love coleslaw! I found that it was so high in fat and carbs that I never ate it until I figured out the Tofu Mayonnaise. Now, I can have all the coleslaw I want and not feel guilty. It is perfect before eating a meal because it is high in good fiber and helps to fill me up without over eating.
I worked on this recipe to make it as colorful as it is flavorful. I hope you like it.

Omega-3 Butter

Here is a butter alternative that has Omega-3 fatty acids! Recipe yeilds about 48 teaspoon servings.

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