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Tropical Morning Glory Muffins

I created this muffin from a standard Morning Glory Muffin. This uses a flaxseed egg substitute for the 3 eggs. I made these for a family get together, and they were a hit!

Flaxseed Egg Substitute

Found this recipe and used it for some muffins and my sophisticated palated family thought that they were really good. So I thought I would share. I found it at this website.

Perfect Whole-Wheat Blueberry Muffins

These are moist and delicious, and without the texture of wheat flour. From Keith Pricketts food blog, Making Banana
He also suggests; To help support local and more humane food practices you can try using milk from a local dairy, eggs from your local farmer’s market (or neighbor/co-worker as we do), and other locally produced goods as they are available near you.

Turkey stuffed peppers

Got this recipe from a body type eating plan, I can't remember exactly where. It is pretty yummy for me. A complete meal, contains 2 oz of meat, 1/2 c rice.

Vanilla almond cranberry oatmeal w/ soy milk

I don't usually enjoy regular oatmeal without adding a ton of sugar so it tastes like the instant packets. This one was really yummy.

Crock Pot Egg and vegitable Casserole

I doctored this recipe from another slow cooker recipe, so that it was more healthy.

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