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For the crust:
If using a food processor, add flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon and pulse a few times. Add butter, and pulse until butter and flour have formed pea-sized crumbles. Add egg and milk and pulse until a large ball is formed.

If mixing by hand, in a bowl combine flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon. Whisk a few times to mix up. Cut in butter until the mixture forms pea-sized crumbles. With your hands, mix in egg and milk and knead into a ball.

Place the dough ball in between 2 pieces of parchment paper. Roll dough out large enough to fit a deep dish pie pan or deep dish tart pan. Grease pan with butter or nonstick cooking spray. Gently place the dough into pan. Refrigerate while you make your filling and your oven is preheating.

Caesar Dressing

I like to leave out the mayo, but if hubby is making or watching, it's in there.

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Veg-Head 3 Bean Chili

Wonderful chili recipe from Rachel Ray. Most of the time I put about 3 jalapeno's and 1-2 habaneros in too because I like it spicy. It will get "hotter" each night afterwards! Sometimes I use a pound of lean ground beef and no oil.

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