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Chicken Foo Yung

I'm not sure why my chinese dishes are way lower in calories than the ones Spark has by default, anyway here's another of our usual chinese recipes :P We recycled some roasted chicken pieces, you can substitute whith whatever meat, shrimp, etc though. You can have it alone, accompanied with white rice and soy sauce, or if you feel fancy chau fan rice ^^

Mustard Sauce

This very low calories alternative to more caloric dressings is packed with flavor yet gentle enough for not overpower the meat, this quick concoction goes great in sandwishes and salads as well

Sea fruits Pasta

This could be so much better with fresh sea fruits, but for convenience and time saving this is a good compromise, the can of sea fruits we got had about 250g of drained shrimps and calamars, and it makes for a satisfying creamy and quite fancy looking dish that won't break your budget or calories counting.

Kung Pao Chicken

We love cooking chinese :P This recipe is only an example with what veggies we had handy, you can switch around with bell peppers, green onion, mushrooms, beef, etc.... It goes of course best with white rice.

Faux Huaicaina (Flax Meal Sauce)

It goes great with boiled and peeled potatoes, but you can use it however you want (on pasta, sandwish, etc.) and i's so good for you, i often use flax seed or peanuts in my recipes instead of nuts, and i use plain yogurt instead of cream, its cheaper and healthier.

Fritos de Arroz (Rice Patties)

I often make this dish for use leftovers of rice, overall if is arroz guisado; but if you want cut down in fat and calories instead of fry it you can pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes, do it in a thin layer if you want it to be crispy, or thicker if you want it to be soft, goes great with lettuce salad.

Very Good (1 rating)
Arroz Guisado (stewed rice)

Since whole grain brown rice takes so much time in cook i made a whole kilo at once and i reserved for use in different recipes, this is one that always springs to mind when there is little in the fridge, and i want a hot meal fast.

Very Good (1 rating)
Calabacines al curry (Curry Zuchini)

So delicious and satisfying, yet quite low in calories, it makes for a perfect dish to make when you need to save your calories for another meal.

Basil Sauce

like pesto with a twist

Hot Beans and Pumpkin Guiso

This is nutrtionally sound, very yummy and filling, and have a sweetness to it that satisfy my cravings for exotic meals without using too many of my calories, serve it with whole grain rice or plantain, and a fresh salad, tomato or cucumber are refreshing and perfect for compensate this hot dish.

Semola con leche

A yummy and healthy dessert, good for your calcium intake and fiber needs


This is a traditional chilean fried dough recipe, a gorgeous snack ^^

Mote (wheat) Risotto with Endives

This tastes so good, and is a great change of pace, plus is a wonderful way of tame any bitter greens, you can replace the envides with curly endives, or any bitter green of your choice.
If you want to cut calories replace part or all the cheese for industrial powdered "cheese flavored sauce"

Vegetarian Chop Suey!

Goes great with rice, but you dont really need me to tell you that :P

Chilean Tuna Salad (Ensalada de AtĂșn)

This is a life saver for those times when the pantry is running empty and i need to whipe a quick, low cal and satisfying meal, goes great with rice, or boiled potatoes as a main dish; over a bed of lettuce for a quick entrance, and even makes for a good sandwish filler as well.

Low Fat Mayonnaise

It doesnt get easier or yummier than this, if you want garlic flavor you add garlic powder, if you want golf dressing you add a spoon of ketchup and a bit of worchester sauce, if you want curry... oh well you get my idea :P

Humitas (chilean tamales)

This is one of my favorite dishes in the world, to me there are very few comfort foods that can rival a good humita, give it a shot, chances are you will love it too.

Guiso de Acelgas (Chard)

This dish is cheap, very low in calories, very rich in nutrients, and quite hearty, you can replace all or part of the chard for beets leaves and stems; and dont forget to save the chard stems for prepare Pejerreyes falsos another day.

Huevos rellenos al merquen (deviled eggs)

This recipe is versatile, satisfying, rich in calcium and protein, and fairly low in fat (for eggs, that's it), it really hit the spot and is a crowd pleaser, i made them this week for a babyshower and everyone loved them

Arroz Graneado

the perfect side dish to just about anything, plus you can spice it and add as many veggies as you want, its so versatil!!

Sopa mixta martini

hearty, savory and quick, a cold day's dish.

Vegetarian Chinese Noodles (chow mein)

So hearty, fulfilling and good for you, i dont know a yummiest way to get your vegetables, plus all the fats in it are good for you, you wont ever miss the meat, if you can find spring onion and 7 spices (5 spices in some places a chinese spice) by all means use it, and you can use any veggie you want, add soy sprouts, eliminate the cabbage, the choice is yours, and the result is always delish

Pejerreyes Falsos (pencas rebozadas, faux friend fish)

La acelga or Chard, is a very healthy and low on calories veggie, this recipe allows us to use the stems and reserve the leaves for another dish, making it a very budget-conscious dish that goes great with mashed potatoes, rice, or even salad.
Of course once we dip the pre-cooked stems in batter and fry them we make it way more caloric, but for an ocassional treat it's not that bad, with about 300 calories by portion, if you sprinkle it with freshly squized lemon juice just before serve, it will be hard to believe that is not fish.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Chilean Salad (Ensalada a la Chilena)

This salad is so savory and fresh, makes a great entrance or side dish, and no chilean celebration could be complete without it.

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